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Proclamations Recieved: 2801



First Proclamation Received!

School of Health Professions,University of Missouri-Columbia,Signee: Dr. Richard Oliver

National/International Organizations

ACCSES,Signee: John Kemp
U.S. Business Leadership Network,Signee: John Kemp
Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies (ACCTA), Signee: Kathlyn C. Dailey, President
The Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC), Washington, DC, Signee: Connie Hercey, Executive Director
APSE- Signee: Laura Owens, Executive Director
National Down Syndrome Congress- Signee: David Tolleson, Executive Director
National MS Society- Signee: Joyce Nelson, President & CEO
Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD)- Silver Spring, Signee: George Jesien, Executive Director
Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals (APBP)- Signee: Kit Keller, JD, Executive Director
National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities- Chicago, signee: Karen J. McCulloh, Immediate Past President
NASPA- Signee: Gwendolyn Dungy, Executive Director
Amputee Coalition of America- Knoxville, Signee: Rick Bowers, Communications & Public Relations Manager
National Rehabilitation Information Center- Landover, Signee: Jessica Chaiken, Media & Public Education Manager
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO- Washington D.C. Signee: William Burrus, President
Exceptional Parent Magazine- Johnstown,PA; Signees: Joseph M. Valenzano, Jr., President & CEO; Rick Rader, MD, Editor in Chief
The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care (formerly NCCNHR)- Washington D.C, Signee: Sarah Wells, Executive Director
National Center on Accessibility- Signee: Dr. Sherril York, Executive Director
Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program Association- Signee: Connie Phelps, Chair
H.R. Gray- Signees: James P. Joyce, President & CEO; Robert F Gray, CFO & Treasurer; George D. Daily, VP & Secretary
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations- Signee: Rev. Peter Morales, President
Cherokee Nation- Signee: Chad Smith, Principal Chief
Victor Pineda Foundation- Signee: Victor Santiago Pineda, President
Goodwill India- Cuttack, Orissa; Signee: Gautam Kumar Chaudhurty, CEO
Inclusion International MENA Region- Beirut, Lebanon, Signee: Moussa Charafeddine, President
NISH- Ability One Program- Signee: E. Robert Chamberlin, President & CEO
NAACB- National Advocacy for ADA Compliant Businesses- Signee: Terry Oberloh, Regional Director


Proclamations by State & Territories


Independent Living Resources of Greater Birmingham, Inc.- Birmingham, Signee: Daniel G. Kessler, Executive Director
LEADERSHIP Counts- Mobile, Signee: Sher Graham, Executive Director
Walker County- Signee: Bruce Hamrick, Chairman, Walker County Commission
Independent Living Center of Mobile- Mobile, Signee: Jim Flora, Independent Living Specialist
City of Jasper- Signee: Sonny Posey, Mayor
City of Montevallo- Signee: Ben McCrory, Mayor
Shelby County Commision- Columbiana, Signee: Lindsey Allison, Chairperson
MACIA- Montgomery, Signee: Karen Dewkins, President
Alabama Department of Human Resources Civil Rights Office- Montgomery, Signee: Desiree M. Jackson, Civil Rights Director


Statewide Independent Living Council of Alaska
-Anchorage, Signee: Andi Nations, Executive Director
University of Alaska Anchorage- Signees: Fran Ulmer, Chancellor; Michael Driscoll, Provost; William Spindle, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services; Megan Olson, Vice Chancellor for Advancment; Bruce Schultz, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
University of Alaska Anchorage Disability Support Services- Anchorage, Signee: Kaela Parks, Director of Disability Support Services
City of Anchorage- Signee: Daniel A. Sullivan, Mayor
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation- Wasilla, Signee: Seth Nelson, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
ESS Support Services- Anchorage, Signee: Entire Staff
City of Fairbanks- Signee: Terry Strle, Mayor
Fairbanks North Star Borough, Signee: Luke Hopkins, Mayor
AK Division of Vocational Rehabilitation- Anchorage, Signee: Gloria Lewellyn, Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluator
Southeast Alaska Independent Living- Ketchikan Office- Signee: Kevin Gadsey, Ketchikan Program Manager
Interior Medical Supply- Fairbanks, Signee: James Ingraham


State of Arizona- Signee: Governor Janice K. Brewer

Rehabilitation Services Administration for Department of Economic Security
, Signee: Cheryle Gary, Disability Program Navigator
Disability Services-State University, Signee: Vaneta Harvey, Physical Accommodation Specialist
Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL)-Phoenix, Signee: Phil Pangrazio, Executive Director; Amina Donna Kruck, Director of Advocacy
Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance of Maricopa County-West; Signee: Debra Williams
Scottdale Training & Rehabilitation Services (STARS)- Scottsdale, Signees: Annie Woods, AmeriCorps VISTA Member, Katy Kelewae, Development Associate & Volunteer Coordinator, Lindsay Lynam, Human Resources
Scottsdale Training & Rehabilitation (STARS)- Scottsdale, Signee: Lisa Kizer, VP Programs
Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL)- Phoenix, Signees: Phil Pangrazio, Executive Director; Amina Donna Kruck, Director of Advocacy
Wood/Patel- Phoenix, Signee: Daniel Cronin, PMP, LEED AP, ICC Certified Accessibility Inspector/ Plans Examiner
University of Arizona- Tucson, Signee: Nicholas Rattray, Researcher
Graphic Impact-Signee: Howard Volin President & CEO
Sanford-Brown Institute- Phoenix, Signees: H. Olivares; Brittany Becker; Christine Moss; Jodi Esch; Teresa Mariano; Diani Heller; Faye M. Raneah; Verquinda Reed
Individuals/Advocates- Signees: (Scottsdale) Janeane Hendley


State of Arkansas- Signees: Governor Mike Beebe; Secretary of State Charlie Daniels

Arkansas Support Network
- Springdale, Signee: Keith Vire, CEO
ICM, Inc.- Little Rock, Signee: Cindy Alberding, Executive Director
Delta Resource Center for Independent Living- Pine Bluff, Signee: Lynne McAllester, Executive Director
Mainstream- Little Rock, Signee: Winter Cox, Ramp Coordinator
Individuals/Advocates- (Pine Bluff) Lynne McAllester


Jeff Katz Architecture,San Diego, California,Signee: Corina Wiles Cauldren
City and County of San Francisco, Signee: Raphaella Bennin, Communications & Technology Coordinator
San Francisco Mayor's Disability Council-Jul Lynn Parsons, Co-Chair
Inclusion Collaborative-San Jose, Signee: Laurie Nielsen, Coordinator, Inclusion Training
ADACO.US-Valley Springs, Signees: People of ADACO.US
AXIS Dance Company-Oakland, Signee: Judith Smith, Executive/Artistic Director
AXIS Dance Company-Oakland, Signee: Mollie McFarland, Development Manager
Roman Reed Foundation for Spinal Cord Research-Fremont, Signee: Roman Reed, President
Inclusion Collaborative- San Jose, Signee: Janice Battaglia, Manager
City of Oakland- Signee: Christine Calabrese, ADA Coordinator, ADA Programs Division
Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities- Oakland, Signee: Michael Moore, Chairperson
Pacific ADA Center- Oakland, Signees: Jan Garrett, Program Manager, Kristine Nguyen, Admin
City of Sunnyvale- Signee: Melinda Hamilton, Mayor
Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco- San Francisco, Signee:Jessie Lorenz, Associate Director
Independent Living Recource Center- Santa Barbara, Signee: Kathleen Riel, Program Manager
The Spirit of the ADA Cause- Oxnard, Signee: Mrs. Liana M. Staniland
Life Rolls on Foundation- Culver City, Signee: Kris Nakamura, Executive Director/CEO
Spinal Cord Injury Network International- Santa Rosa, Signee: Lennice Ambrose, Director
Central Coast Sign Language- Grover Beach, Signee: Tammi Hixon, Owner
Abilities Expos- Santa Monica, Signees: David Korse, CEO, Lew Shomer, Chairman
Central Coast Sign Language- Grover Beach, Signee: Tammi Hixon
WCIL- Los Angeles, Signee: Ben Mattlin, Writer
Independent Living Services of Northern California- Chico, Signee: Sor Lo, Change Advocate
City of Corning- Signee: Gary R. Strack, Mayor
Sierra Army Depot/EEO- Herlong, Signee: Sherie L. Coleman
State Council on Developmental Disabilities Area Board 2- Chico, Signees: Robin Keehn, Executive Director; Veedini B. Mecteus
Far Northern Regional Center- Redding, Laura L. Larson, Executive Director
People First of California- Sacramento, Signees : L J.T. Bowlin, Illegible,
People First of California- Ukiah, Signee: Tom Martesanti
People First of California- Redding- Signees:David Gogue, Dan Copland, Ryan Duncanwood, Teresa Moshier, Arlen G. Lowrey
People First of California- Oroville, Signees: Armand Appleman, Leeann Huston
People First of California- Biggs, Signee: Valorie Sharpe
People First of California- Chico, Signees: David Bracewell, Jeff Walker
People First of California- Red Bluff, Signee: Jill Hanson
People First of California- Yreka, Signee: Andrea Ecanonopulse
People First of California- Corning- Signees: Roger Pulliam, Jenny Smith, Leos Ides
State Council on Developmental Disabilities Area Board 1- Kelseyville, Signee: Catherine P O'Brian
Countryside Cafe- Red Bluff, Kari Lyford
Chance 4 Change, Inc.- Paradise, Signee: Nancy A. Higham
IPS Services Inc- Redding, Signee: Jennifer Renfree
IPS Services Inc. Red Bluff, Signee: Kelly Baughman
Springview Manor- Chico, Signee: Feliciano Bomactao
We Care A Lot Foundation- Redding, Signees: Kathrine Bogue, Tammy Torum, Rebecca Finn, Teresa Oliver
Little Red Hen- Chico, Signee: Michael David Fishkin
Butte County Coordinating Council- Chico, Signee: Robert B. Irvine, Chairperson
City of Red Bluff- Signee: Jeffery M. Moyer, Mayor
Tehama County- Signee: Tehama County Board of Supervisors
Port of San Diego- Signees: Board of Prot Commissioners, Chairman Robert "Dukie" Valderame, Vice Chairman Scott H. Peters, Secretary Steven C. Padilla, Michael Bixler, Lee Burdick, Stephen P. Cushman, Lou Smith
Easy Access- Los Osos, Signee: Susan K. Chandler, Principle
Just Advocates- Santa Barbara, Signee: Michael Just, Founder
State Architect of California- Signee: David F. Thorman AIA, State Architect
The Art Center- Yuba City, Signees: 29 Proclamations from: Gail Koll, Jason P., Alyssa Weaver, Rachel Miles,Debbie Consulo, Marianne Weare, Ibet Franco, Lindsey Watkins, Kadie Mill, Carol Tra Ma, Alanna Propst, Atica Pealt, Neil Carnegie, Maria Dorantes, Deb C., Shirley Tsulda, Humaira Byeum, Amandeep Kaulz Kalkat, Barbara E Laruse, Susna Koias, Jerrye Plercejr, Melanie Martin, Herbert R. Clark, Sherry Henley, Robin Hoff, Sylvia Wilson, Tony Llerue, Mario Peres, Amy Lampe, Rhonda Bartlemay
Community Resource Center- Yuba City, Signees: Maribel Vargas, Neonie Wood, Karen Nehl, Heather Perkins, Lynell Foster, Angela Madgen, monica Arteaga
Guzman Care Home- Yuba City, Signee: Julianna Loften
Chestnuts Common- Yuba City- Signee: Margaret Fong
Goodwill of Orange County- Santa Ana, Signees: Hilda Parham, Workforce Development Director; Nancy Quarles, Vice President, Human Services; Plus 165 Individual Proclamations
La Familia Counseling Service- Ahyward, Signee: Hector E. Mensdez, LCSW, Executive Director
California Public Utilities Commission- San Francisco & Oakland- Signees: Jack Leutza, CA Public Utilities commission communications Division Director; Shelley Bergum, CA Communications Access Foundation CEO
California Public Utilities Commission's Deaf & Disabled Telecommunications Administrative Contractor (CA Communications Access Foundation)- San Francisco & Oakland- Signees: Jack Leutza, CA Public Utilities commission communications Division Director; Shelley Bergum, CA Communications Access Foundation CEO
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona- Signee: J. Michael Ortiz, President
Small Miracles Unlimited- Woodland Hills, Signee: Peggy O'Neill, Owner
City of Santa Monica- Signee: Bobby Shriver, Mayor
Community Resources for Independent Living- Hayward, Signee: Sheri Burns, Executive Director
Green Screen Productions, Inc.- San Francisco, Signee: Michael Mitrani, Founder
Communities Activly Living Independent & Free- Los Angeles, Signee: Cynde Soto, Systems Change Advocate
City of Pacific Grove- Signee: Carmelita Garcia, Mayor
City of Cupertino- Signee: Kris Wang, Mayor
AccessAble For All- Costa Mesa, Signee: Christie Rudder, ADA Consultant
Accessible Merchants USA LLC- San Pedro, Signee: Joe R. Martinez, CEO
Individuals/Advocates-Signees: (Sunnyvale) Dock Floyd, US Navy Retied; Jackie Floyd; Joanna Floyd; Jennifer Floyd; Philip Floyd; Jennifer Ann Floyd (San Francisco) Judith Stark, Accessible IT Consultant, (Costa Mesa) Christie Rudder, (Alameda) Lisa Ploss, Registered Dietitian; (Santa Ana) Susan Eastman; (Stockton) Denall Hernandes; (San Diego) Mary Ellen Stives (Fontana) Ruby S. Villanuevo; (Gacamento) Lesley Anne Ezelle; (Cottonwood) Cini Freshour;(Red Bluff) Larry Stevens, Johnny R. Wilson;(Redding) Brandi Seaters;(Chico) Teri Todd; (unnamed) Deborah Glass, Shelly Anderson; (Montrose) Sandy Goodwick; (Yuba City) Lisa Thorton Stultz, Matt Amaro, Sue Hose, Yepa Oxiong, Mike Jeremy, Ernest C. Barnm, Rach H. Potoski, Chris Jones, Marth Howard, Tara Rennie, Anna, Donna Winnen


State of Colorado,Signee: Govenor Bill Ritter

City of Denver, Colorado, Signee: Mayor John Hickenlooper
Beautifully Blind, Inc., Signee: Toni DePass Baruti, Founder/CEO
University of Northern Colorado-Greeley, Signee: Kim Wilcox, Director
University of Northern Colorado Counseling Center-Greeley, Signee: Meredith Cohn Shefferman, Training Director
Ballet Arts Theatre-Denver; Paul Noel Fiorino, Director/Producer
DBTAC Rocky Mountain ADA Center-Colorado Springs, Signee: Cindy Powell, Information Specialist
Colorado Springs Independence Center-Colorado Springs, Signee: Nancy Hunt, Coordinator
Armstrong Access Consulting, LLC-Littleton, Signee: Maria Armstrong, Owner
State of Colorado-Division of Vocational Rehabilitation-Colorado Springs, Signee: Melody Babbitt, Business Outreach Specialist
Health Care Policy and Financing-Denver, Signee: Gina M. Jaquez
The Durrant Group, Inc. - Denver, Signee: William A. Baker, AIA, Vice President
Paralyzed Veterans of America, Mountain States Chapter- Aurora, Signee: Board of Directors
Freedom Service Dogs, Inc.- Englewood, Signee: Sharon Wilson, Executive Director
Colorado Department of Transportation- Denver, Signee: Russell George, Executive Director
Disability Services at University of Colorado, Boulder- Boulder, Signee: Cindy Donahue
Visions & Voices Together- Signee: Charmaine Thaner, Owner
The Bridging Group, Inc- Denver, Signee: Jacquelyn D. Stanton, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Director
Meeting the Challenge, Inc.- Colorado Springs, Signee: Robert H. Gattis Jr, President
Colorado Div. Of Vocational Rehabilitation- Northglen, Signee: Larry Crisco, Business Outreach Specialist
Community Reach Center- Thorton, Signee: Rick Doucet


State of Connecticut- Signee: Governor M. Jodi Rell

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch-
Signee: Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers
State Education Resource Center (SERC)
-Middletown, Signee: Marianne Kirner, Executive Director
AFCAMP, Inc.- Hartford, Signee: Merva Jackson, Executive Director
University of Connecticut Center for Students with Disabilities- Storrs, Signee: Donna Karbel
City of New Haven- Signee: John DeStefano Jr., Mayor
Sanford-Brown College Farmington- Farmington, Signee: Kurtis M. Peterson, President


State of Delaware- Signee: Governor Jack Markell

Lt. Governor for the State of Delaware-
Signee: Lt. Governor Matt Denn
Health & Social Services of DE-
Signee: Rita Landgraf, Director
Brain Injury Association of Delaware
, Signee:Ester Curtis, Executive Director
Christiana Counseling, Signee: Mary Soligo, LPCMH
Client Assistance Program, Signee:Donny Moore, CAP Director
Delaware Association of the Blind, Signee: Debbie Briddel, Peer Support Coordinator
Delaware Association for the Education of the Young, Signee: Reid R. Millius
Delaware Dept. of Insurance, Signee: Alison Kirk & Jessica Luff
Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council, Signee: Alexander J. Rose, Project Manager
Developmental Disabilities Council, Signee:Patricia L. Maichle, Sr. Administrator
Disability Law Program, Signee: Brian Hartman, Director
Family Voices of Delaware, Signee: Beth A. MacDonald, Coordinator
Kent-Sussex Industries, Signee: Stephanie Hammond, Employment Coordinator
Office of Disabilities Support Services, Signee:Karen Mancini, Director
Social Security Administration, Signee: Benjamin R. Schamburger
State Council for Persons with Disabilities, Signee: Kyle Hodges, Director
T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood of Delaware, Signee: Debbie Taylor, Coordinator
The Governor's Advisory Council for Exceptional Individuals, Signee: Wendy Strauss, Executive Administrator
United Cerebral Palsy of Delaware, Signee: William J. McCool III, Executive Director
Upper Bay Adoption and Counseling, Signee: Mary Lou Edgar, Program Manager
ADAPT Delaware, Signee: Daniese McMullin-Powell
Freedom Center for Independent Living-Middletown, Signee Ernest G. Cole, Executive Director
Independent Resources, Inc.-Wilmington, Signee: Larry Henderson, Executive Director
Indiviuals/Advocates- (Dover) Linda Michele Osiecki

District of Columbia

District of Columbia- Signee: Adrian Fenty, Mayor
The Studio Theater, Inc
., Signee: Jewel N. Fears, Audience Services Manager
State Advisory Panel on Special Education for the District of Columbia- Signee: Molly L. Whalen, Chair, DC-SAP
The ARC of the District of Columbia- Signee: Burton Penn, Esq. President
Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities- Signee: Tina Campanella, Executive Director
The Martin M.S. Alliance- Signee: Kamilah O. Martin-Proctor, Founder
The Council of the District of Columbia- Signees: Vincent C. Gray, Chairman; Mary Cheh, Council Member; Tommy Wells, Council Member
District Department of Transportation- Signee: Gabe Klein
Independent Consultant- Signee: Brenda Brown, Consultant
Washington Area Transit Authority (Metro)- Signee: Richard Sarles, General Manager


Supreme Court of Florida- Signee: Chief Justice Charles T. Canady
Broward Business Leadership Network
,Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,Signee: Howard Watson
University of Florida, ADA Compliance Office, Gainsville, FL, Signee: Dr. Kenneth J. Osfield
Coalition for Independent Living Options, Inc. Signee:Genevieve Cousminer, Esq., Exec. Director
Center for Independent Living of Broward, Karen Dickerhoof, Exec. Director
The Foxglove Foundation, Inc.-Jacksonville, Signee: Lucille Ferry, CEO/Executive Director
Broward County Aviation Dept.-Fort Lauderdale, Signee: Linda Merrill, ADA Coordinator
Physical Issues (Radio Show)-Jacksonville, Signee: Don P. Adams, Host
NAMI of Miami, Signee: Jorge Arenas, Volunteer
DisAbility News & Views Radio-Tampa Bay, Signee: Monica S. Wharton, CEO
Lee County Parks & Recreation-Fort Myers, Signee: Amanda B. Gutierrez, ADA Compliance Officer
BIA Magazine, LLC-Melbourne, Signee: Louis Marie Search, Publisher
CIL Disability Resource Center-Pensacola, Signee: Sharon Hamilton, FAAST Program Coordinator
Disability Resource Center-Gainsville, Signee:, Sarah Beth Fede
City of North Miami Beach, Signees: Raymond F. Marin, Mayor,Joanne Callahan, Asst. City Clerk, Darcee S. Siegel, City Attorney
Miami-Dade County League of Cities, Inc.,Signee:Shirle Gibson President;Howard B. Lenard, General Counsel, Horace Feliu, Secretary
Boley Centers Inc.- St. Petersburg, Signee: Cynthia McCormick, Chair
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation- Tampa, Signee: John T.R. Howell, Arear Director Area 4
FSCIRC- Tampa, Signee: Robert A. Shaw, member
Florida Gulf Coast Paralyzed Veterans of America- Tampa, Signee: Joan E. Winkler, Executive Director
Tampa General Hospital- Tarpon Springs, Signee: Anthony G. Catalano
Space Coast Center For Independent Living- Cocoa, Signees: Richard S. O'brian, Mariel Patchin, William Stanziano, Debbie Dixon, Brandon S. Caglione, Amy Fawhead, Carolyn Slater, Robin LeDoux, Chris Hayes
Caring & Sharing Center for Independent Living- St. Petersburg, Signee: Jack D. Hamburg, President
TLC Mobility Foundation- Boca Raton, Signee: Lisa Hamilton-Johnson
Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida- Gainesville, Signee: William D. Kennedy, Executive Director
Sanford-Brown Institute- Jacksonville, Signee: Scott Nelowet, President
Self-Reliance, Inc.- Tampa, Signees: Deodat Jhoda, Peer Mentor; Shari Wilson, Independent Living Coordinator; Marsha Murray, Administrative Assistant; Isabel Gonzalez, Director of Programs and Services; Michael A. Yelapi, Independent Living Coordinator; Evelyn Mercado, Home Modifications Coordinator; Tara K Bethea, Transition Coordinator; Betty Nieves-Velazquez, Administrative Assistant
TLC Limousines- Boca Raton, Signee: La Void Johnson
Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport- Fort Lauderdale, Signee: Linda Merrill, ADA Coordinator
Center for Independent Living in Central Florida- Winter Park, Signee: Christopher A. Howell, Marketing/Communications Specialist
University of South Florida Students with Disabilities Services- Tampa, Signee: Deborah McCarthy, Director
University of South Florida Counseling Center- Tampa, Signee: Dale A. Hicks, Director
University of South Florida Office of Veterans Services- Tampa, Signee: Larry Braue, Director
Vocational Rehabilitation/ DOE- Panama City, Signees: Michael Nobles, VR Supervisor; Crystal Grizzle, Vocational Counselor
Vocational Rehabilitation/ DOE- Quincy, Signee: Eu'Stacia M. Trawick, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Vocational Rehabilitation/ DOE- Pensacola, Signees: Jennifer Wester, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor; Evie Pfeiffer, VR Counselor; Catherine Gill, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Vocational Rehabilitation/ DOE- Tallahassee, Signees: Wendell Rackley, Vocational Counselor; April Terry, Voc Rehab Counselor
Vocational Rehabilitation/ DOE- Boca Raton, Signee: Jeanne Clinton, VR Supervisor
Florida Gulf Coast Paralyzed Veterans of America- Tampa, Signee: Ben Ritter, Government Relations Director
Florida Department of Revenue- Signee: Lisa Echeverri, Executive Director
Sanford-Brown Institute- Orlando, Signees: 5 Proclamations from:Michelle E. Day, Medical Assisting Program Manager; Maritsa DeJesus, Director of Career Services; Sandra Cumella, DMS Program Chair; Regina Martin, MA, GN
Sandford Brown Institute- Tampa, Signees: 21 Signed Proclamationsfrom Faculty, Staff, & Students
Career Education Corporation- Tampa, Signee: Bridget Mazzuco, CVT Instructor/ Online Advocate
City of North Miami- Signee: Andre Pierre, Mayor
Florida International University- Signee: El Pagnier Hudson, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Center for Independent Living of South Florida- Miami, Signee: Ernie Martinez
Florida International University- Biscayne Bay Campus, Student Government Association- Signee: Christin "CiCi" Battle, SGA BBC President
Miami Dade College- Signee: Colleen Fix, Professor Emeritus
Sanford-Brown Institute- Fort Lauderdale, 305 Signed Proclamations from Faculty, Staff, & Student Body
Statewide Guardian ad litem Office- Tallahassee, Signee: Charles C. Nelson, Interim Executive Director
Individuals/Advocates- Signees: (Sarasota) Raymond L. Verheal; (Saint Petersburg) Jennifer French; (Tampa) Holly Wilson; (Ft. Walton Beach) Eric Dupre; (Wesley Chapel) Jill Grimshall; (Lakewood) Dana Miklos; (Pensacola) Ms.Brandi Parkerson



State of Georia- Signee: Governor Sonny Perdue

DBTAC-Southeast ADA Center,
Signee: Cheri Hofmann, Distance Learning Coordinator
City of Roswell, Signee: Jean J. Rearick, City Engineer
Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission-Atlanta, Signee: Craig Young, Executive Director
Walton Options for Independent Living-Augusta, Signee: Brian Mosely, Skills Training Coordinator
Atlanta Metropolitan College, Tammy Young, Coordinator of Disability Services
disABILITY LINK NW-Rome, Signee: Donna Baxley, Center Director
Columbus Library for Accessible Services, Signee: Suzanne Barnes, Services Librarian
Living Independence for Everyone (LIFE, Inc.)-Savannah, Signee: Fran Todd, Director
disABILITY Link-Decatur, Signees: Robin Wilson-Beattie.Youth Advocacy Coordinator; Kenneth Mitchell, Advocacy Coordinator; Janie Yorker, Employment Coordinator
Walton Option for Independent Living-Augusta, Signee: Brian Mosley, Employment Skills Training Coordinator
disABILITY LINK NW-Rome, Signee: Andy Wade, I & R Coordinator/Administrative Asst.
Emory University Office of Disability Services & Community & Diversity-Atlanta, Signee: Ozzie Harris II, Senior Vice Provost for Community & Diversity; Gloria Y. Weaver, Director of Disability Services
Disability Resource Center-Gainesville, Signee: Sarah Beth Fede
City of East Point, Signee: Lance Rhodes, Mayor Pro Tempore
Disability Resource Group- Chamblee, Signee: Empish Thomas, Board Member
Office of Georgia State ADA Coordinator - Atlanta, Signee: Mike Galifianakis, State ADA Coordinator
Shepherd Center- Atlanta, Signee: Mark Johnson, Director of Advocacy
Milton Disability Awareness Committee of City of Milton- Milton, Signee: Joe Lockwood, Mayor
Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities- Atlanta, Signee: Caitlin Childs, Organizing Director
Brain And Spinal Trust Fund Commission- Atlanta, Signee: Craig Young, Executive Director
City of Smyrna- Signee: A. Max Bacon, Mayor
Touch the Future, Inc.- Tucker, Signee: Joanne Willis, OTR/L, Executive Director
Georgia Advocacy Office- Decatur, Signee: Ruby Moore, CEO
ADA Consulting Services, Inc.- Buford, Signee: Linda Priest, CEO
City of Alpharetta- Signee: Arthur G. Letchas, Mayor
Clayton State University- Morrow- Signees: Dr. Thomas J. Hynes, President & Participating CSU Students
Clayton State University Student Government Association- Signee: Kamille A. Rigsby, Student Body President
Individuals/Advocates- Signees: (Tucker) Mary Morder


State of Hawaii- Signees: Governor Linda Lingle; Lieutenant Governor James R. "Duke" Aiona, Jr.

Hawaii State Senate-
Honolulu, Signee: Sen. Willam C. Espero
Statewide Independent Living Council of Hawaii
- Honolulu, Signee: Margaret Levy-Dohanos, Council member
Eye of the Pacific Guide Dogs Foundation- Honolulu, Signee: Dave Palomares, President
Dolphin Press- Hilo, Signee: Elizabeth Whitney, President/Owner
Full Life- Pahoa, Signee: Jan Stickney, Program Director
Integrated Energy Balancing- Pahoa, Signee: Margaret Martin, Owner
Hawaii Community College- Hilo, Signee: Karen Kane, Counselor for Students with Disabilities
Hawaii Centers for Independent Living- Honolulu, Signee: Gordon Fuller, Executive Director
Hawaii Centers for Independent Living- Kaunakakai, Kealoha Laemoa, Independent Living Specialist
Hawaii Center for Independent Living- Pahoa, Signee: Edel Hanoa, Independent Living Specialist
Hawaii Center for Independent Living- Hauula, Signee: Danford Campbell, IL Specialist
Maui Whelers- Wailuku, Signee: Heather Proud Harmony, Peer Counselor/ Facilitator
Easter Seals Hawaii- Honolulu, Signee: John Howell, President & CEO
Disability Rights Hawaii- Hilo, Signee: Ron Amundson, Secretary
Island Computer Access Now (ICAN)- Honolulu, Signee: Milton Ota
Individuals/Advocates- Signees: (Hilo) Paige Delima, Parent


State of Idaho- Signee: Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter

Access Concepts & Training, Inc.
- Boise, Signee: Dana Gover, CEO
City of Moscow, Signee: Nancy Chaney, Mayor
Disability Action Center NW, Inc.- Moscow, signee: Mark Leeper, Executive Director
University of Idaho- Moscow, Signee: Carmen Suarez, Director, Human Rights, Access and Inclusion


State of Illinois- Signees: Governor Pat Quinn; Secretary of State Jessie White

Senate of the Ninety-Sixth General Assembly of the State of Illinois- Introduced by Sen. Don Harmon.
State Representative 79th District
- Signee: Lisa Dugan, State Representative
City of Chicago-
Signee: Richard M. Daley, Mayor
Schwab Rehab Hospital
- Chicago, Signee: Kris Balfanz-Vertiz, Director of Extended Services
City of Evanston Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department, Signee: Brian Barnes, Disability Services Specialist
(cacao) Sweets & Treats - Fox Lake, Signee: Candice Hunsinger, Owner
AMH Electric - Fox Lake, Signee: Adam Hunsinger, owner
Lake Forest College-Lake Forest, Signee: Karen Blocker, Academic Technology Specialist
Statewide Independent Living Council of IL, Signee: Barbara Pritchard, Acting Chair
University of Illinois at Chicago- Signee: Paula Allen-Meares, Chancellor
United Cerebral Palsy of Illinois- Springfield, Signee: Don Moss, Executive Director
City of Naperville- Signee: Marita Manning, Accessibility Coordinator
Lake County Center for Independent Living- Mundelein, Signees: Kelli Brooks, Executive Director; Dalene Valentine
Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living- Springfield, Signee: Ann Ford, Executive Director
City of Peoria- Signee: Jim Ardis, Mayor
West Suburban Access News Association (WSANA)- Oak Park, Signee: Joel Sheffel, Executive Director
ABC Business Services- Chicago, Signee: Francine Hilliard Bell, President
Options Center for Independent Living- Bourbonnais, Signee: Kathy Peterson, Executive Director
Multicultural Advocates- Champaign- Urbana, Signee: Crasha Browder, Program Director
JJ- Evanston, Signee: JJ Hanley, Founder
Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois- Springfield, Rhonda Hollinshead, Advocacy Coordinator
Kankakee Valley Workers Center- Kankakee, Signee: Lenda Hunt, President of the Board
Village of Oak Park- Signee: David G. Pope, President of the Board of Trustees
City of Springfield- Signee: Timothy J. Davlin, Mayor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign- Signee: Robert A. Easter, Chancellor and Provost (Interim)
Sanford-Brown College- Collinsville, Signees: 8 Proclamations from:Tina Seidel, President; Terri A. DeWerff, ADA 504 Coordinator & General Education Department Chair; Patrick Stropes, Senior Admissions Representative; David Hunter, Medical Assistant Instructor; Shelle A. Ridings, MA Program Chair; Elaine Atchison, Director of Student Finance; Audley Anderson III; Lynn Johnson, Director of Admissions
Lake Forest College- Lake Forest, Signee: Karen Blocker, Technologist
City of Kankakee- Signee: Nina Epstein, Mayor
Equip for Equality- Chicago, Signee: Zena Naiditch, President
Village of Manteno- Signee: Timothy O. Nugent, Village President
Village of Bourbonnais- Signee: Paul Schore, Mayor
Bradley-Bourbonnais Regional Chamber of Commerce- Signee: Jaclyn Dugan, President/CEO
LINC, Inc. -Swansea, Signee: Lynn Jarman, Executive Director
City of Momence- Signee: Micky C. Porter, Mayor
Springfield Area Disability Activists- Springfield, Signee: Tyler McHaley, President
MORE Access Solutions- Chicago, Signee: Kerry A. Obrist, M.Ed, Owner
Illinois Cannabis Patients- Manteno, Signee: Mike Graham, Patient/Advocate
Village Of Chebanse- Signee: Elden Dubuque, Village President
ABC Construction- Bourbonnais, Signee: Bill Bisaillon, Owner
Sanford Brown Institute- Skokie, Signees: 12 Proclamations from:Jeffery A Hill; Kimerly Mittelsteuelt; Arelin Randls; Howard R. Sutherlin,Sr; Mary A. Callagher; Jiries Zanayed; Laura Sherman; Scott Lesht; Bessy Bert; Barbara Votrain; Wildanette Mollfulleda; Nermina Dzankovic
Economic Alliance of Kankakee County- Kankakee, Signee: Mike Van Mill, President/CEO
Village of Sun River Terrace- St. Anne, Signee: Ralph J. Bailey, Mayor
Eleventh District of Illinois- Signee: Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson
Thresholds Outreach- Kankakee, Signee: Sarah Kappel
Kankakee County Board- Kankakee, Signee: Michael Bossert, County Board Chairman
Village of Bradley- Signee: Bruce Adams, Village President
Village of Arlington Heights- Signee: Arlene J. Mulder, Mayor
Will County- Signee: Lawerence M. Walsh, Will County Executive
Women with Issues- Signees: Melwards & Canham, Administrators
Individuals/ Advocates- Signees: (Deerfield) Rick Smith, (Romeoville) Mrs. Susan Fitzgerald; (Chicago) Emma Villarreal


City of Indianapolis- Signee: Gregory A Ballard, Mayor
City of Logansport
, Signee: Michael Fincher, Mayor
Cass County Government, Signee: David Arnold, Cass County Commissioner
Peak Community Services- Logansport, Signee: Donald Weikle, Executive Director
Indiana Institute on Disability & Community- Bloomington, Signee: David Mank, Executive Director
Indiana Department of Natural Resources- Signee: Robert E. Carter, Jr., Director
City of Evansville- Signee: Johnathan Weinzapfel, Mayor
City of Bloomington- Signee: Mark Kruzan, Mayor
City of Bloomington Council for Community Accessibility- Bloomington, Signee: Craig Brenner, Staff Liaison, Special Projects Coordinator
Southeastern Indiana Independent Living Center (SIILC)- Versailles, Signees: Amy Browning, Executive Director; Chrissy Elzy, Independent Living Administrator
Indiana Governor's Council for People with Disabilities- Signee: Suellen Jackson-Boner
Opportunity Enterprises- Valparaiso, Signee: Ellen DeMartinis, VP
Indiana Protection & Advocacy Services Commission- Indianapolis, Signee: Thomas Gallagher, Executive Director
ADA-Indiana- Signee: Ric Edwards, Chair
Stone Belt Arc, Incorporated- Bloomington, Signee: Leslie Green, CEO
City of Richmond, Indiana Human Rights Commission- Richmond, Signee: Ronald Church, Executive Director
Indiana Resource Center for Autism- Bloomington, Signee: Cathy Pratt, Director
Town of Albion- Signee: James L. Stull, Albion Town Council President
accessABILITY, Inc. - Indianapolis, Signees:Melissa Madill, Executive Director; Marc Sherman, Independent Living Advocate Coordinator; Gary Byrkett, Board Member; Judy Townsend, Board Member; Jeremy K. Warriner, Board Member
City of Anderson Human Relations Commission- Anderson, Signee: Charlotte Hahn, Chairperson
Muncie Human Rights Commision- Muncie, Signee: Yvonne C. Thompson, Executive Director
United Senior Action of Indiana- Indianapolis, Signee: Michelle Niemier, Executive Director
BIAI- Indianapolis, Signees: A G & Donita Clyne, Parental Advocates
Rehabilitation Options of Indiana- Greenwood, Signee: Julie Morey, Executive Director
Spectrum Community Services- Indianapolis, Signee: Aisha Sabur-Jarvis, Quality Assurance & Training Coordinator
League for the Blind & Disabled, Inc.- Fort Wayne, Signee: David A. Nelson, President/CEO
Indiana Resource Center for Families with Special Needs, Inc.- South Bend, Signee: Richard Burden, Executive Director
NAMI Indianapolis- Indianapolis, Signee: Edward Alexander, Executive Director
Southern Indiana Center for Independent Living- Bedford, Signees: Al Tolbert, Executive Director; Darlene Webster, Independent Living Director
Southern Indiana Center for Independent Living- Nashville, Signee: Cathi Owings, Brown County Outreach Coordinator
The WILL Center- Terre Haute, Signee: Peter C. Ciancone, Executive Director
Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation- Fort Wayne, Signee: Betsy Kachmar, Asst. General Manager
Indiana Council on Independent Living (ICOIL)- Indianapolis, Signee: Richard Simers, Chair
Options- Bloomington, Signee: Susan Rinne, Executive Director
Paralyzed Hoosier Veterans (PHV)- Bedford, Signee: Al Tolbert, President
Indiana Canine Assistant Network- Indianapolis, Signee: Sally Irvin Executive Director
United Senior Action Foundation, Inc.- Indianapolis, Signee: Nancy E. Griffin, Board Chairperson
Indiana Rehabilitation Association- Indianapolis, Signee: Brad L. Romine, President
Indiana University Department of Recreation, Park, & Tourism Studies-Signee: John E Koenig, Associate Chair for Programs & Services
Indiana University School of Health, Physical Education & Recreation- Signee: Robert M. Goodman, Dean & Professor
Mental Health America of Indiana- Indianapolis, Signee: Stephen C. McCaffrey, JD
Bloomington/ Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization- Bloomington, Signee: Joshua Desmond, Director
City of Columbus- Signee: Fred L. Armstrong, Mayor
City of Salem- Signee: David Bower, Mayor
Salem Parks And Recreation- Signee: Denise Newkirk, Director
Washington County Commissioners- Salem, Signees: Lana Sullivan, County Commissioner; John Mishler, County Commissioner; David Brown, County Commissioner
City of Bedford- Signee: S. Girgis, Mayor
Ivy Tech Community College-Bloomington- Signee: Jennie Vaughn, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Life Stream Services, Inc.- Yorktown, Signee: Kenneth D. Adkins, President/CEO
City of Gary- Signee: Rudolph Clay, Mayor
The Board of Commissioners of the County of Allen- Fort Wayne, Signee: Linda Bloom, Bill Brown, Nelson Peters, Allen County Commissioners
Southern Indiana Board of Directors- Bedford, Signees: Board Members, Jack Voigtschild, Betty Gaiser, David Rhum, Robert Hoar, Charlie Brown, Vicki Saari, Dolly Sowder, Les Stockton, John Denny, Rita Kresh
New Horizons Rehabilitation, Inc.- Batesville, Signee: Marie E. Dausch, Executive Director
Aspire Indiana- Deaf Services- Indianapolis, Signee: Roberta LeMere
Town of Albion- Signee: James L. Stull, President Town Council
Indiana University School of Continuing Studies- Bloomington, Signee: Daniel Callison, Dean
Down Syndrome Family Connection- Bloomington, Signee: Cyndi Johnson, Member, Board of Directors
WellPoint, Inc- Indianapolis- Lori Beer- Executive Vice Prsident & Chief Information Officer; Angela F. Braly
Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation- Indianapolis, Signee: Michael A Terry, President & CEO
IndyGo Mobility Advisory Committee- Indianaplois, Signee: Paul Glaspie, Chairman
NAMI Indiana, Inc.- Indianapolis, Pat McConey, Executive Director
Key Consumer Organization, Inc.- Indianapolis, Signee: Ronda Ames, Executive Director
American Council of the Blind of Indiana- Indianapolis, Signee: John Huffman, President
Town of Hebron- Signee: Donald Ensign, Town Council President
Indiana Governor's Council for People with Disabilities- Indianapolis, Signee: Edward Stotts
LifeStream Services- Yorktown, Signee: Kenneth D. Adkins, President/CEO
Self Advocates of Indiana- Indianapolis, Signee: Betty Williams, President
United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indianapolis- Signee: Donna Roberts, Executive Director
DreamMakers of Hancock County- Greenfield, Signee: Sandra Hartlieb, Coordinator
Harvesting Capabilities- Peru, Signee: Michael Hines, Co-Coordinator
Indianapolis Public Schools- Signee: Robb Warriner, Special Education Director
City of Lawrenceburg- Signee: Wm. E. Cunningham, Mayor
Town of Greendale- Signee: Doug Hedricks, Mayor
City of Aurora- Signee: Dennis Hastings, Mayor
City of Muncie- Signee: Sharon McShurley, Mayor
Agape Respite Care- Bernie, Signee: R. J. Lehman
Indiana Industry Liaison Group- Indianapolis, Signee: Alicia Wallace, Chair
Indiana Chapter National MS Society-South Bend, Signee: Leigh Ann Erickson, Coordinator
The Troyer Group- Mishawaka, Signee: LeRoy S Troyer, President
At Home Services, LLC- Richmond, Signee: Cynthia L. Warren, Director
Independent Living Center of Eastern IN- Richmond, Signee: Cynthia L. Warren
Metropolitan Human Relations Commission- Fort Wayne, Gerald Foday, Esq. Executive Director
Sickle Cell Disease Association, NW Indiana-Gary, Signees:Members, Charles H. Lemons;Particia Bradley; Vincent Lee; Dr. V.E. Barnett-Battle, Noah A. Spann
City of Rochester- Signee: Mark L. Smiley, Mayor
Town Council of Merrillville- Signees:President & Members
City of Richmond- Signee: Sally L. Hutton, Mayor
Individuals/Advocates- (Muncie) Dee Ann Hart; (Indianapolis) Daniel Pittman; Warren Miller; Ledrena Girton; Diana Pittmon; Melody Cooper (Greenfield) Amy Dingman; (St. Lawrence) June Simons; (Anderson) Katherine Ewers; (Wayne County) Nancy Smith; Jessica McGrew;Traci Taylor; James Miller; Karole Passner; Rheonne Snedigar; Gladys Erion; Patty Pennington; Houston Edwards; Crystal Short


State of Iowa- Signee: Governor Chester J. Culver

Peer Action Disability Support
,Cedar Rapids, Iowa,Robert Cihla, Chair
City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Signee: Kay Halloran, Mayor
Citizens for People with Disabilities-Cedar Rapids, Signee: Cherie Clark, President
Cultural Perspectives, LLC-Cedar Rapids, Signee: LaSheila Yates, Owner
New Perspectives, Inc.-Sioux City, Signee: John D. Elder, Community Liasion
Mason City Human Rights Commission-Mason City, Signee: Lionel J. Foster, Director
Iowa Civil Rights Commission-Des Moines, Signee: Ralph Rosenberg, Executive Director
Three Rivers Independent Living Corporation-Sioux City, Signee: Doug Moravek, Director
Sioux City Human Rights Commission, Signee: Karen Mackey, Executive Director
The University of Iowa-Iowa City, Signee: Tiffini Stevenson Earl, ADA Coordinator
Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council-Des Moines, Signee: Becky Harker, Director
Hope Haven IPR-Mason City,Signee: Angeline J. Mayor, Certified IPR Practitioner
The Arc of Iowa-Des Moines, Signees: John L. Timmons, President; Casey Westhoff, Executive Director
Davenport Civil Rights Commission, Signee: Judith J. Morrell, Director
Alegent Health Peer Connection-Council Bluffs, Signee: Julie Kuster, Peer Specialist
Iowa Protection & Advocacy Services-West Des Moines, Signees: Sylvia W. Piper, Executive Director;Jean Herrity, Legal Assistant
Southwest Iowa Center For Independent Living, League of Human Dignity-Council Bluffs, Signee: Carrie England, Director
Three Rivers-Sioux City, Signee: Grace Engelhart, Board Member
Proudly Accessible Dubuque, Signee: Katrina Wilberding, Executive Director
Iowa Statewide Independent Living Council-Des Moines, Signee: Dawn E. Francis, SILC Executive Director
Iowa Mental Health, Mental Retardation, Developmental Disabilities, and Brain Injury Commission-Des Moines, Signee: Dale Todd, Chair
Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services-Des Moines, Signee: Stephen A. Wooderson, Administrator
Iowa Chapter of the United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association-Council Bluffs, Signee: Michelle Zuerlein, President
Heritage Area Agency on Aging-Cedar Rapids, Signee: Ingrid Wensel, Associate Director
MFH Iowa-Des Moines, Signee: Valerie Findley, Advocate
Iowa Client Assistance Program-Des Moines, Signee: Jackie Wipperman, Director
Unversity of Iowa Student Disability Services-Iowa City, Signee: Mark M. Harris, Director
University of Iowa Faculty & Staff Disability Services-Iowa City, Signee:Janet L. Gorman, Director
The Arc of Story County-Ames, Signee: Patty Gibler, Board President
City of Ames, Signee: Ann Campbell, Mayor
Iowa Advisory Council on Brain Injuries, Signee: Emily L. Emonin, Chair
DuRide-Dubuque, Signee: Susan M. Balsamo, Founder/Board Member
Clinton Area Assoc for the Hearing Impaired- Clinton, Signee: Evelyn J. Dymkowski, Treasurer
East Central Chapter: Brain Injury Assoc., Signee Roger Orton, President
Linn County MHDD Advisory Committee; Signee: John E. Brandt
The Durrant Group Inc.- Dubuque, Signee: Christopher J. Wand, Project Architect
Iowa Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health- Anamosa, Signee: Lori Reynolds, Executive Director
Human Rights Commission- Dubuque, Signee: R.R.S. Stewart, Commissioner
Passageway Inc.- Des Moines, Linda Oleson-King, Executive Director, Carolyn L. Beverly, President of the Board
Merkley Wealth Associates- Clive, Signee: Ann A. Merkley, Senior Partner
City of Des Moines, Signee: T.M. Franklin Cownie, Mayor
Vocational Resources Plus LLC- Des Moines, Signee: Amy E. Botkin, Vocational Consultant
Assessing Disability Barriers- Des Moines, Signee: Bonnie L. Kern, MS CRC, Executive Director
Disability Consulting, LLC- Norwalk, Signee: Amy Desenberg-Wines, President
Dubuque Human Rights Department- Dubuque, Signee: Kelly Larson, Director
Iowa Olmstead Consumer Task Force- Signees:16 Proclamations from; Jerry R. Mays Ph.D, Chiar, Kiersten Hensley, Steve Garrison, Raymond Gerke, Paula S. Connally,Robert Bacun, Terry Cunningham, Kristine, Weitue, Day Kect, Dawn E. Francis, Jerri Sloan, Janie Woodhouse, Alice Holdeman, Patrick D. Clancy, Doug Gample
Medicaid Home & Community Based Services- Des Moines, Signee: Brian R. Wines, Program Manager
ASK Learning Center, Inc.- Norwalk, Signee: Tanya K. Apana, Director
Easter Seals- Des Moines, Signees: Sherri Nielson, President and CEO, Meghan Klier, Managment Team Leader, Ronna Conrad, Targeted Case Manager/Service Coordinator
Link Up Enterprises- Clive, Signee: Linda Campfield, Program Manager
LifeWorks Community Services- Fort Dodge, Signee: Teresa Naughton, Executive Director
Candeo Iowa- Ankeny, Signee: Marcy M. Davis, MBA, Chief Executive Officer
Genesis Development- Vinton, Signee: Nicki Ott, Team Leader
Access 2 Independence of Eastern Iowa Corridor- Iowa City, Signees: Keith Ruff, Social and Educational Advocate; Michael G. Van Gorder, Independent Living Specialist
Hills & Dale Child Developement Center- Dubuque, Signee: Marilyn Althoff, Executive Director
Darrell E. Davis Adult Day Center- Independence, Signee: Amy Holle, Executive Director
Growing Family Fun at Geisler Farms- Bondurant, Signee: Malinda Geisler, CEO
BIA-IA- Audabon, Signee: Tammy Saurs
Iowa Department for the Blind- Des Moines, Signee: Karen A. Keninger, Director
People First of Scott County- Bettendorf, Signese: Dawn Jacobs, Advisor & 61 Signed Individual Proclamations
Department of Administrative Services- Des Moines, Signees: Calvin McKelvogue, Chief Operating Officer; Mark Johnson, Interim Chief Operating Officer; Lorrie Tritch, Chief Operating Officer; Ray Walton, Director of DAS; Patricia Lantz, Chief Operating Officer
People First of Scott County- Davenport, Signee: James D. Newton
Fidelity Bank- Huxley, Signee: Stephen J. Pandullo
Cambridge City Council- Signee: Scott Aven
City State Bank- Norwalk, Signee: Jan M. Sparks, Vice President
Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service- Des Moines, Sarah Hinzman, Training & Disability Coordinator
Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence- Des Moines, Signee: Adam Stark, Director
Graceland Youth Launch- Lamoni, Signee: Shirley Kessel, Director
Iowa Public Health Assoc.- Des Moines, Signee: Jeneane Moody, Operations Director
Iowa AmeriCorps State of Promise- Ames, Signee: Judy McCarthy, Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters AmeriCorps- Davenport, Signees: Jo Ellen Winegar, Program Director; Chad Driscoll, Program Director
Each One Reach One- Cedar Rapids, Signee: Monica Gilkison, Program Director
Green Iowa- Cedar Falls, Signee: Cortney Schiappa, Program Director
Iowa Campus Compact- Pella, Signee: Rachel Manuel, Executive Director
PCA- Des Moines, Signee: Carol Schroeder, Program Director
Des Moines Public Schools- Des Moines, Signee: Kathy Erickson, Coordinator
Central Iowa Center for Independent Living- Des Moines, Signee: Robert E. Jeppesen, Executive Director
Church of the Nazarene- Council Bluffs, Signee: Robert Syvertson, Pastor
The Heritage Area Agency on Aging- Cedar Rapids, Signee: Elizabeth Selk, Executive Director
Deb's Disability Services- Muscatine, Signee: Debra Hughell, Owner
Northeast Iowa Center for Independent Living- Waterloo, Signee: Kenneth Schuman, Executive Director
Clinton County TBI Association- Clinton, Signee: Karen J. Wison, President
Iowa Compass- Iowa City, Signee: Jennifer Britton, Director of Operations
Linn County- Signee: Linda Langston, Chair, Linn County Board of Supervisors
Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa- Johnston, Signee: Kathryn J. Specketer, State Coordinator
IVRS- Atlanta, Signee: Ellen Sokolowshi, Rehabilitation Counselor
IVRS- Mason City, Signees: Vienna Kouangvongthien; Mary Ott
Primary Health Care- Des Moines, Signee: Emily Loney, Case Manager
Mainstream Living- Ames, Signee: Tricia Crain, Director
Projects and Industry- Des Moines, Signee: Troy Green, Empolyment Specialist
Project Employment- Des Moines, Signee: Melinda VanVeen, IA Employment Solutions
DMACC- Des Moines, Signee: Tami Foster
Iowa Department of Human Rights- Des Moines, Signee: Mike Williams
Drake University- Des Moines, Signee: Lindsey Walker
Iowa Works- Des Moines, Signee: Page Fineran
IWIPA- Mason City, Signee: Sheila Fineran
Innovative Industries- Creston, Signee: C. Scotd
Southwestern Community College, Student Services- Creston, Signee: Matt thompson, Dean
Southwestern Community College, Accounting-Creston, Signee: Becky Young, Accountant
Southwestern Community College, Human Resources- Creston, Signee: Jolene Griffith, Director
Southwestern Community College, Success Center- Creston, Signee: Christine Karstens, Instructor
Southwestern Community College, Engineering Dept.- Crston, Signee: Allen Binning, Structural Engineering Technology Instructor
Michael Foods- Lenox, Signee: Julie Brammer
MATURA- Creston, Signee: Elizabeth Phelps
Gits MFG. Co- Creston, Signees: Jenny Robinson, Human Resources; Jen Kenyon, Human Resources
Bunn-O-Matic- Creston, Signee: Eula Rolecheck, Human Resources
Area Residential Care- Dubuque, Signee: Laura Rannals, Marketing/Public Relations Director
Individuals/Advocates- Signees: (Des Moines) Penelope Diery-Bragg, Amy Kopaska (Clinton) Robyn L. Smith, Artist, (Ottumwa) Cindy Kurtz Hopkins,(Palo) Liz O'Hara; (Waterloo) Jim Paprocki


State of Kansas, Signees: Governor Mark Parkinson, Secretary of State Chris Biggs

The University of Kansas-
Signee: Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little
City of Emporia, Kansas
,Signee: Jeff Longbine, Mayor
City of Winfield, Signee: Gary W. Mangus, Asst. to the City Manager
Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities, Signee: David Lindeman, Director
Kansas University Life Span Institute at Parsons, Signee: David Lindeman, Director
Assistive Technology for Kansans, Signee: Sara Sack, Director
Kansas Equipment Exchange, Signee: Sara Sack, Director
SKIL Resource Center-Parsons, Signee: Shari Coatney, CEO/President
City of Topeka, Signee: William W. Bunten, Mayor
Shawnee County, Signees: Shelly Buhler, Chair, Vic Miller, Vice Chair, Theodore D. Ensley, Member
Tri-Valley Developmental Services-Chanute, Signees: Tim Cunningham, Executive Director, Bill Fiscus
Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, Inc.-Hutchinson, Signee: Christine Owens, Executive Director
Southeast Kansas Community Action Program, Inc.-Girard, Signee: Steven Lohr, Executive Director
Reno County Transition Council-Hutchinson, Signee: Roger Frischenmeyer, Chairperson
Statewide Independent Living Council of Kansas-Topeka, Signee: Shannon Jones, Executive Director
City of Dodge City, Signee: Rick Sowers, Mayor
Kansas Lottery-Topeka, Signee: Gary Herman, Director of Security
City of Osage City- Signee: Quinton Robert, Mayor
City of Hutchinson- Signee: Cindy Proett, Mayor,
Three Rivers Inc.- Wamego, Signee: Stacie Eichem, Community Outreach Specialist
Independent Living Resource Center- Wichita, Signee: Cindi Unruh, Exectutive Director
Lyon County, Signee: Scott A. Briggs, Commisioner
Independence, Inc. - Lawrence, Signee: Stacey Schwartz, Executive Director
City of Larned, Signee: Robert C. Pivonka, Mayor
City of Larned ADA Advisory Board- Larned, Signee: Marilyn J. Beel, Chairperson
Logan County, Signee: Pat Schippers, County Clerk
Labette County, Signee: Linda Schreppel
Crawford County, Signee: Linda K. Grilz, Chairperson of Crawford County Board of Commissioners
Southview Adult Day Services- Kansas City, Signee: Cookie Ernst, Director
Johnson County Human Services- Olathe, Signees: James Swain, Accessibility Program Manager,Deborah Collins
Families Together, Inc.- Wichita, Signee: Connie Zienkewicz, Executive Director
Breakthough Club of Sedgwick Co.-Wichita, signee: Barbara Andres, Executive Director
Resource Center for Independent Living- Osage City, Signee: Chad A Wilkins
Saline County- Salina, Signee: Jerry Fowler, Randall Duncan, John Reynolds, Board of County Commissioners
City of Salina, Signee: Aaron G. Peck, Mayor
Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns- Topeka, Signees: Ranita Wilks, Chair, Martha K. Gabehart, Executive Director
Henson Memorial C.O.G. I .C.- Kansas City, KS, Signee: Aaron H. Henson
City of Lawrence- Signee: Mike Amyx, Mayor
Mid-America Regional Council- Kansas City, Signees: Board of Directors, Thomas R. Cooley, Chair
City of Arkansas City- Signee: Patrick McDonald, Mayor
Seward County Board of Commissioners- Signee: Joyce Ann Hibler, Chairman
AARP Kansas Diversity Council- Topeka, Signee: Rich Hanley
Washburn University- Topeka, Signee: Dr. Jerry Farley, President
The Whole Person- Prairie Village, Signee: David Robinson, Executive Director
ECKAN- Ottawa, Signee: Richard Jackson, CEO
Lyon County Healthier Community Alliance- Signee: Courtney Gagan
City of Russell- Signee: Carol A. Dawson, Mayor
City of Hays- Signee: Christopher A Channell, Mayor
City of Great Bend- Signee: Mike Allison, Mayor
Mitchell County- Signee: Mike Cooper, Chairman
City of Colby- Signee: K.G. Beiber, Mayor
Western Kansas Association on the Concernes of the Disabled- Signee: Debra Ford, President
LINK,Inc.- Signee: Brian Atwell, Executive Director
Rawlins County- Signee: Craig Cox, Chairman
East Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging- Ottawa, Signee: Elizabeth Maxwell, Executive Director
Twin Rivers Developmental Services- Arkansas City, Signee: Laura McGrew
Cottonwood- Lawrence, Signee: Sharon Spratt
Mulit Community Diversified Services- McPherson, Signee: Colin McKenney
Achievement Services for Northeast Kansas- Atchison, Signee: Lois Reid
KETCH- Wichita, Signee: Ron Pasmore
TARC- Topeka, Signee: Mary Ann Keating
Twin Valley- Greenleaf, Signee: Ed Henry
Big Lake Developmental Center- Manhattan,Signee: Lori Feldkamp
OCCK- Salina, Signee: Carolee Miner
Disability Planning Organization of Kansas- Salina, Signee: Lorraine Harris
Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation- Wichita, Signee: Pay Terick
Catholic Charities- Wichita, Signee: Jenny Foster-Farquhar
Starkey, Inc- Wichita, Signee: Carolyn Risley-Hill
Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas- Hays, Jerry Michaud
Rainbows United, Inc.- Wichita, Signee: Deb Voth
ResCare Kansas- Wichita, St. Paul, Kansas City, Winfield, Garden City, Goodland, Great Bend, Newton, Liberal, Signee: Chris Gafford
Lakemary Center- Paola & Olathe, Signee: Bill Craig
Mosaic, Inc.- Kansas City, Ellsworth, Garden Dity, Liberal, Winfield, Pittsburg, Signee: Penny Massa
Brown County Developmental Services- Hiawatha, Signee: Linda Lock
Doniphan County Services- Troy, Signee: Lisa Simerly
New Beginnings, Inc- Independence, Signee: Joseph O'Rourke
Hetlinger Developmental Services- Emporia, Signee: Trudy Hutchinson
Johnson County Developmental Supports- Lenexa, Signee: Maury Thompson
Susan B Allen Memorial Hospital- El Dorado, Signee: Gay Kimble
El Dorado Family DDS- El Dorado, Signee: S
Paradigm Services Inc.- Wichita, Signee: Brandy Neice
Avacare- Wichita, Signee: Polly Miller ATP/CRTS
The Arc of Sedgwick County- Wichita, Signee: Kevin Fish
The City of Wichita- Signee: Carl Brewer, Mayor
Sedgwick County- Signee: Karl Peterjohn, Chairman of the Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners
Flint Hills Community Health Center- Emporia, Signee: Gayle P. Meierhoff
South Central Mental Health- Augusta, Signee: Dan Rice
Lyon County Healthier Community Alliance- Signee: Courtney Gagan
Bradford Memorial Library- Emporia, Signee: Kristi Jacobs
City of Tonganoxie- Signee: Michael Vestal, Mayor
Disability Rights Center- Topeka, Signee: Rocky Nichols, Executive Director
Client Assistance Program- Topeka, Signee: Rocky Nichols, Executive Director
Douglas County- Signees: Commissioners Nancy Thellman, Mike Gaughan, Jim Flory
Computer Assembly- Olathe, Signee: Rick O'Neal
City of Glen Elder- Signee: Jeff Holling, Mayor
City of Abilene- Signee: Diane Miller, Mayor
Wichita Board of Education USD 259- Signee: Barbara Fuller, BOE President
City of Minneapolis, Signee: Virginia Hoover, Mayor
City of Manhattan- Signee: Bruce Snead, Mayor
City of Paola- Signee: Artie Stuteville, Mayor
Osage Co. Sherriff Office- Lyndon, Signee: Laurie Dunn
City of Burlington- Signee: Rick Raymer, Mayor
Coffey County- Signee: Board of Commissioners; Robert L. Saueressig, Chairman; Kinberly Skillman-Robrahn, Vice-Chair; Timothy A Sipe, Member; Fred Rowley, Member; Larry Crotis, Member; Angie Kirdhner, County Clerk
Realty Executives- El Dorado, Signee: Eddie Dean
Kansas Association of Centers for Independent Living- Topeka, Signee: Shari Coatney, Board President
City of Ottawa- Signee: Linda Reed, Mayor
Reno County Board of Commissioners- Signee: Frances J. Garcia, Chairperson
Barton County- Signee: Barton County Commissioners
City of Courtland- Signee: Tim Garman, Mayor
City of Clyde- Signee: Terry S. Koch, Mayor
City of Beverly- Signee: Teena Church, City Clerk
City of Tescott- Signee: Charles R. Matthews, Mayor
City of Concordia- Signee: Gregory L. Hatlan, Mayor
City of Miltonvale- Signee: Jon Puckett, Mayor
City of Beloit- Signee: Rebecca Koster, Mayor
City of Lyndon- Signee: Jeff Bronson, Mayor
City of Lincoln Center- Lincoln, Signee: Glenn M. Stegman, Mayor
City of Soloman- Signee: Stan R. Britt
City of Belleville- Signee: Russell Piroutek
Riley County Commission- Manhattan, Signee: Riley County Commissioners; Michael Kerns, Chair; Karen McCulloh, Alvan Johnson
Cheyenne County- Signees: Board of County Commissioners; Ernie Ketzner, Chairman;Dale Patton, Commissioner; Andy Beikman, Commissioner
City of Wamego- Signee: Larry Fechter, Mayor
City of Junction City- Signee: Mike Rhodes
Franklin County- Signee: David J. Hood, Chairman, Franklin County Board of Commissioners
City of Olathe- Signee: Michael Copeland, Mayor
Finney County- Signees: Board of Commissioners; Roman Halbur; Dan Doll; Dave Jones; Larry Jones; cliff Mayo, Chair
Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas, Inc.- Topeka, Signee: Michael J. Hammond, Executive Director
JOCO Inspections Dept.- Olathe, Signee: Building Official
Individuals/Advocates- Chris Coulson


State of Kentucky- Signees: Governor Steven L. Beshear, Secretary of State Trey Grayson

Kentucky Business Leadership Network
,Signee:Tammie Geis
Kentucky State Rehabilitation Council, Signee: James F. Shaw, Chairman
Blue Grass Council of the Blind-Lexington, Signee: Paula Wiese, Executive Director
City of Louisville-Signee: Jerry Abramson, Mayor
Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky- Louisville, Signee: Melinda Mast, Director
Baptist Hospital East- Louisville, Signee: Debbie Nelson, Director of Rehab & Behavioral Health
Blessed Assurance Comminity Services- Boston, Debra W. Strobel, Executive Director
Hearing Loss Association of Kentuckiana- Louisville, Signee: John W. Perry III, President
Three Ducks, LLC Research Consulting & Program Evaluation- Lexington, Signee: Malachy Bishop, Owner
Human Development Institute- University of Kentucky- Lexington, Signee: Milton Tyree, Project Director
American Academy of Developmental Medicine & Dentistry- Louisville, Signee: Seth M. Keller, President
Kentucky Protection & Advocacy- Frankfort, Signee: Director
Access to the Arts, Inc.- Louisville, Signee: Cass Irvin, Executive Director
Senior Pharmacy Solutions- Louisville, Signee: Lynn Harrelson, Senior Care Pharmacist
Kentucky Rehabilitation Association- Signee: David Beach
Center for Accessible Living- Louisville, Signee: Jan Day, CEO
Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities- Frankfort, Signee: Pat Seybold, Executive Director
Down Stndrome of Louisville, Inc.- Louisville, Diana Merzweiler, Executive Director
Individuals/Advocates- (Louisville) Susan H Davis


Nunez Community College- Chalmette, Signee: Michele G. Minor, ADA Coordinator
We Connect Now- Baton Rouge, Signee: Gabriela C. McCall Delgado, Creator and Webmistress


State of Maine- Signee: Governor John E. Baldacci

Kathryn McInnis Associates-Saco,
Signee: Kathryn McInnis-Misenor, Community Organizer
Association of Late Deafened Adults (ALDA) Maine Chapter- North Haven, Signee: Lauren E. Storck, PhD, President
Maine Parent Federation, Inc.- Augusta, Signee: Janice L. Lachance, Executive Director
The Maine Center on Deafness- Portland, Signee: Elissa J Moran, Executive Director
Disability Rights Center- Augusta, Signee: Kim Moody, Executive Director
C.A.R.E.S. Inc./Client Assistance Program- Winthrop, Signee: Stephen J. Beam, Program Director


State of Maryland, Signee: Governor Martin O'Malley

TransCen, Inc., Signee: Richard Luecking, President
Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services, Signee: Robert A. Burns, Asst. State Superintendent
Howard County, Signee: Ken Ulman, County Executive
Maryland State Senate District 2, Signee: Senator Donald F. Munson
TCS Associates- Wheaton, Signee: Carissa Aiello, Account Manager
Prince George's County, Signee: Jack B. Johnson, County Executive
Southern Maryland Center for Independent Living- Mechanicsville, Signee: Marie Robinson, Executive Director
Maryland Insurance Administration- Baltimore, Signee: Susan Yates, EEO.ADA Officer
The Kids on the Block, Inc.- Columbia, Aric Darroe, President
Frederick Memorial Healthcare System- Frederick, Signee: Tom Kleinhanzel, President & Chief Executive Officer
Harford County- Signee: David R. Craig, County Executive
Garrett County- Signees: Commissioners Ernest J. Gregg, Chairman; Dennis G. Glotfelty, Frederick A. Holliday
City of Cumberland- Signee: Lee N. Fiedler, Mayor
CQL/ The Council on Quality & Leadership- Towson, Signee: James F. Gardner, President & CEO
Maryland Relay- Signee: Brenda Kelly Frey, Director
Montgomery County- Rockville, Signee: Isiah Leggett, County Executive
Maryland Technology Assistance Program- Baltimore, Signee: Michael Bullis, Director
Carroll County- Signees: County Commissioners of Carroll County; Julia W. George, President; Dean L. Minnich, Vice President; Michael d. Zimmer, Secretary
Norman Access & Conflict Resolution Consultants Group- Baltimore, Signee: Gary C. Norman, Esq, Commissioner of Maryland Commission on Human Relations
Individuals/Advocates- Signees: (Frederick) Trina D. Firey; (Waldorf) Marie Robinson; (Newburg) Sandra K. Dent; (Baltimore) Bobby L. Jones, US Coast Guard SFLC; (Owings Mills) Govind R. Sulibhavi


Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, Signee:Chris Norris, Executive Director
Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, Signee: Arlene Korab, Executive Director
Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition, Signee: Barbara Chandler, Co-facilitator
Comission on Disability-Quincy, Signee: Linda Kelly, Vice-Chair
Massachusetts Office on Disability-Boston, Signee: Myra Berloff, Director
Disability Policy Consortium-Boston, Signee: Robyn M. Powell, Asst. Director
Commission on Disability-Lexington, Signee: Victoria Buckley, Chair, Commission on Disability
Winchester Multicultural Network, Signee: Sandy Thompson & Robin Smith, Co-Chairs, Board fo Directors
Town of Winchester, Signee: Winchester Board of Selectmen
MetroWest Center for Independent Living- Framingham, Signee: Paul W. Spooner, Executive Director
Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities- Cambridge, Signees: Rachel H. Tanenhaus, Eileen Keegan Bongiorno, Laura Brelsford, Gordon Slater, Elizabeth (Bet) MacArthur, Donald Summerfield, JoAnn DiSalvo Haas, Kathy Watkins, Michael Muehe, Kate Thurman
Gibbs College- Boston, Signees:4 Proclamations from: Richard E. Farmer, Ed.D, President; Jay Beirne, Director of Financial Assistance; Jeffrey Hill, Program Chair, Cardiovascular Sonography; Patricia Scanlan, Intern Coordinator
Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts' Western Region- Pittsfield, Signees: Volunteers & Staff
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission- Boston, Signee: Charlie Carr, Commissioner
City of Beverly- Signee: William F. Scanlon, Mayor
Town of Reading- Signees: Board of Selectman; James E. Bonazoli, Chairman; Camille W. Anthony, Vice Chairman; Richard Schbert, Secretary; Stephen A. Goldy; Ban Tafoya
Town of Danvers- Signees: Board of Selectmen; Gardner S. Trask, III, Chairman;Michael W. Powers; William H. Clark Jr.; Keith G. Lucy; Daniel C. Bennett
Town of Rockport- Signees: Board of Selectmen; Wendell F. Jaques, Jr., Chairman
Town of Essex- Signees: Board of Selectmen; Jeffrey D. Jones, Chairman
City of Salem- Signee: Kimberly Driscoll, Mayor
City of Lynn- Signee: Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Mayor
Town of Swampscott- Signees:Board of Selectmen; Jill G. Sullivan, Chairman; Robert E. Mazow, Vice Chair; Richard Malagrifa; Matthew W. Strauss; David S. Van Dam
Town of Marblehead- Signees: Board of Selectman; Jackie Belf-Becker, Chairman; Harry C. Christensen, Jr.; James E. Nye; Judith R. Jacobi; William L. Woodfin, II
Town of Rowley- Signees: Board of Selectmen; David C. Petersen, Chairman
Town of Middleton- Signees: Board of Selectmen; Nancy M. Jones, Chairman
Town of Topsfield- Signees: Board of Selectmen; Martha A. Morrison, Chairman; Karen A. Dow, Clerk; A. Richard Gandt; Nancy J. Luther; Laura J. Powers
Town of Nahant- Signees: Board of Selectmen; Michael Manning, Chairman; Richard Lombardi, Vice Chairman; Robet Frary, Secretary
Town of Wakefield- Signees: Board of Selectmen; Albert J. Turco, Chairman
Town of North Reading- Signees: Board of Selectmen; Robert Mauceri, Chairman
Town of Wenham- Signees: Board of Selectmen; Lawrence D. Schwartz, Chairman; Harriet P. Davis; John A. Clemenzi
City of Peabody- Signee: Michael J. Bonfanti, Mayor


State of Michigan- Signees: Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, Lt. Governor John D. Cherry, Jr.

Michigan BLN Detroit Council
,Detroit, Michigan
Synergy Partners, LLC,Signee: Janise J. Plata
Down Syndrome Association of Greater Toledo-Lambertville, Signee: David A. Stephens, Parent Activist
UAW Region 1 Veterans Council-Warren, Signee: Alan D. Opra, Chairman
Ms. Wheelchair Michigan- Byron Center, Signee: Shelly Loose, State Coordinator
Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns- Lansing, Signee: Dan Vivian, Chair
Michigan Rehabilitation Association- Lansing, Signee: David R. Campbell, President
Michigan Commission for the Blind- Lansing, Signee: Patrick Cannon, State Director
Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America- Novi, Signees: Michael Harris, Executive Director; Bonnie L. Welbaune
Disability Advocates of Kent County- Signee: Board of Directors, David Bulkowski, J.D., Executive Director
Transportation Riders United- Detroit, Signee: Megan Owens, Executive Director
Services to Enhance Potential- Dearborn, Signee: James E. Grice, President & CEO
University of Michigan- Flint, Signee: Barbara L. Kornblau, Dean
Disability Network Southwest Michigan- Kalamazoo, Signee: Joel W. Cooper
District 48 Michigan State Representative- Signee: Congressmen Richard E. Hammel
District 26 Michigan State Senator- Signee: Senator Deborah Cherry
United Cerebral Palsy of Metro Detroit- Southfield, Signee: Leslynn R. Angel, President & CEO
Disability Network/Northern MI- Traverse City, Signee: Annie Campbell, Transition Specialist
Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living- Ann Arbor, Signee: James K. Magyar, President & CEO
Wayne State University- Detroit- Jay Noren, President
City of Muskegon- Signee: Steve Warmington, Mayor
City of Southfield- Signee: Brenda L. Lawrence, Mayor
Disability Connection/ West Michigan- Muskegon, Signee: Susan Colutier Myers
Superior Allaince for Independent Living- Marquette, Signee: Judy Vivian, Deputy Director
State Representative 91st District- Signee: Mary Valentine, State Representative
Children's Assessment Center (CAC)- Muskegon, Signee: Katherine McIntyre, Secretart CAC
Ms Wheelchair Michigan- Byron Center, Signee: Shelly Loose, President
Michigan Department of Natural Resources & Environment- Signee: Department
Disability Network of Mid-Michigan- Midland, Signee: Terri Cady, Outreach Director
City of Midland- Signee: Maureen Donker, Mayor
City of Bay City- Signee: Charles M. Brunner, Mayor
City of Saginaw- Signee: Gregory L. Branch, Mayor
Branch County- Signee: William Chinery, Chairperson Branch County Board of Commissioners


State of Minnesota- Signee: Governor Tim Pawlenty

University of Minnesota-Provosts Committee on Student Mental Health,
Signee: Barbara Blacklock
University of Minnesota-Disability Services, Signee: Donna Johnson, Director
PAWS-AID- Minneapolis, Signees: Laura Schneider, Sara Nelson, Dana Nelson, Group Leaders
Augsburg College- Minneapolis, Paul C. Pribbenow, President
Augsburg College Access Center- Minneapolis, Signee: Sadie Curtis, Director
MN Telephone Equipment Distribution Program- St. Paul, Signee: Sarah Maheswaran
Minneapolis Public Schools' Equity & Diversity Office- Minneapolis, Signee: James C. Burroughs II, Director, Equity & Diversity
Associates of St. Anthony Park (ASAP) Disability Advocacy- Minneapolis, Signee: Ken Rodgers, CEO
YWCA of Minneapolis- Signee: Rachel Palomo, Marketing Manager
Rivertown Communications, Inc- Stillwater, Signee: Robb Jacobs, President
Minnesota APSE- Richfield, Signees: Heidi Maghan, President; Jolene Thibedeau Boyd, Vice President
Brown College- Mendota Heights, 56 Signed Proclamations FromFaculty, Staff, Student Body


Living Independence for Everyone (LIFE) -Jackson, Signee: Christy Dunaway, Executive Director
Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities-Jackson, Signee: Judy Sikes, ADA Coordinator
MS Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities-Jackson, Signee: Mary Troupe, Executive Director


State of Missouri, Signee: Governor Jay Nixon

The Governor's Council on Disability
,State of Missouri, Signees: LInda Baker, Executive Director Karen Benson, Chair Person
Missouri State University-Disability Services,Signee: Katheryne Staeger-Wilson
Missouri State University Staff Senate,Konya Knackstedt, Chair
Missouri State University-College of Education, Dr. Dennis Rear, Dean
City of Boonville, Signee: Julie Thacher, Mayor Pro-Term
Johnson County Commission, Signees: William Brenner, Presiding Commission;Scott Sader, Eastern Commissioner;Destry Hough, Western Commissioner
EcoWater Systems of Columbia, Signee: Linda Libert
TPB Enterprises, Signee: Troy Balthazor
University of Central Missouri, Signee: Aaron Podolefsky, President
University of Central Missouri-Department of Political Science, Signee: Dr. James B. Staab, Chair
City of Warrensburg,Signees: Jeff Terry, Mayor; Cindy Gabel, City Clerk
Centralia Accessibility Committee,Signee: Steven J. Oberman, Gretchen Maune, Chairperson
Great Plains ADA Center, Signee: Jim de Jong, Director
City of Centralia, Signee: Tim Grenke, Mayor
Services for Independent Living, Signee: Aimee Wehmeier, Executive Director
Northeast Independent Living Services, Signee:Brooke Kendrick, Executive Director
The Whole Person, Signee: David C. Robinson, Executive Director
Job Point-Columbia, Signee: Nancy Silver, Director
Center for Human Services-Sedalia, Signee: Ann Graff, Executive Director/CEO
City of Warsaw, Signee: Ken Brown, Mayor
Wheelchair Recycler-Ashland, Signee: David Helm, President/Founder
City of Flordell Hills, Signee: Joseph R. Noeth, Mayor
City of Warsaw ADA Coordinator, Signee: Kathy King, ADA Coordinator
City of Manchester- Signee: David L. Wilson, Mayor
City of Vinita Park- Signee: Virginia A. Bira, Mayor; Regina Rulo-Speed, City Clerk
City of Black Jack - Signee: Norman C. McCourt, Mayor, Karen E. Robinson, MRCC City Clerk
City Of University City- Signee: Julie Feier, City Manager
City of St. George- Signee:Mary Kaufmann, Mayor
Boone County, Signees: Kenneth M. Pearson, Presiding Commissioner, Karen M. Miller, District 1 Commissioner, Skip Elkin, District 2 Commissioner, Wendy S Noren, County Clerk
City of Shrewsbury- Signee: Bert L. Gates, Mayor
MAE Disability Consultants- Moberly, Signee: M A Edwards, Owner
Sanford Brown College- St. Peters, Signee: Lisa Mancini, President
City of Olivette - Signee: Ruth Springer, Mayor & Myra G. Bennett, City Clerk
City of Overland - Signee: Michael Schneider, Mayor
Independent Living Resource Center - Jefferson City, Signee: Melinda Cardone, Program Manager
The Independent Living Center- Joplin, Signee: Jeff Flowers
Columbia Regional Hospital- Columbia, Signee: Paula Edwards, Manager of Nursing Support Services/MSU
Rural Advocates for Independent Living (RAIL)- Kirksville, Signee: Theresa Myers, Executive Director
Plaza Real Estate Services- Columbia, Signee: Sam W. Bornhauser, President
People First of Kirksville- Kirksville, Signee: Kathleen Heller
City of Columbia, Signee: Bob McDavid, Mayor
City Of Winchester, Signee: Gail M. Winham, Mayor
City of Velda City, Signee: Robert L. Hensley, Mayor
FEMA- Kansas City, Signee: Jono A Anzalone, Regional Voluntary Agency Liaison
People First of Missouri- Kansas City, Signees: Kelly Ray, President, John Burriss, Sergeant at Arms
Mid-America Regional Council- Kansas City, Signees: Board of Directors, Thomas R. Cooley, Chair
TMB Scientific LLC- Columbia, Signee: Terry Balthazor
Madison C-3 Schools- Madison, Signee: Christopher A Lynn, Special Education Instructor
Show-Me-Tech- Columbia, Signee: Michael Arenella
The Gospel Tabernacle Church- Sturgeon, Signee: Pastor Jerry M. Smith
People First of Marshall- Marshall, Signees: Kelly L. Ray, President, John Burriss Vice President
Access II Independent Living Center, Inc. - Gallatin, Signee: Heather Swymeler, Executive Director
Missouri Centers for Independent Living- Nevada, Signee: Jennifer Gundy, President
On My Own, Inc.- Nevada, Signee: Jennifer Gundy
People First of Kansas City- Kansas City, Signee: Lorie Perdieu
People First of St. Charles- St. Charles, Signee: Susan Newton, Advisor
Paraquad- St. Louis, Signee: Robert Funk, Executive Director
F.A.C.T. Family Advocacy & Community Training- St. Charles, Signee: Denise C. Gould, Executive Director
St. Louis County- Signee: Charlie A. Dooley, County Executive
Missouri History Museum- St. Louis, Signee: Dr. Robert R Archibald, President
Missouri Botanical Garden- St. Louis
St. Louis Zoo- St. Louis
St. Louis Art Museum- St. Louis
St. Louis Science Center- St. Louis
Project Equality- Signee: Kirk Perucca
Urban League of Greater K.C.- Kansas City, Signee: Gwendolyn Grant
H-M Technology Firm- Kansas City, Signee: Myron T. Moore
Lincoln University- Jefferson City, Signee: Cynthia L. Washington, Disability Coordinator
Southwest Center for Independent Living- Springfield, Signee: Gary Maddox, Executive Director
The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City- Kansas City, Signee: Carlos Gomez, President/CEO
Kansas City Hispanic Collaborative- Kansas City, Signee: Carlos Gomez, Executive Director
City of Des Peres- Signee: Richard Lahr, Mayor
Missouri Department of Transportation- Jefferson City, Signee: Kevin Keith, Interim Director of Transportation
Camden Co. Developmental Disability Resources- Camdenton- Signee: Pete Breting, Director
City of Mount Vernon- Signee: David W. Eden, Mayor
Missouri Rehabilitation Center- Mount Vernon, Signee: Steven Patterson
City of Marshall- Signee: Ronald Duvall, Mayor Pro Tem
Samaritan Center- Jefferson City, Signee: Marylyn DeFeo, Executive Director
Central MO Community Action- Columbia, Signee: Trina Almond
Wheelchair Personalities- Columbia, Signee: Sharon Paulsen
People First of Boone County- Columbia, Signee: Dawn Rene Powell
City of Licking- Signee: Linda Miller, Mayor
Fresenius Medical Care- Mountain Grove, Signee: Missy Carr
Bryant Auto Repair- Thayor, Signee: Mark Bryant
Fun & Friends of Thayor- Thayor, Signee: Sheila Smith
Ozark County Senior Center- Gainesville, Signee: Jerri Crawford
Ozark Co. Extention Council- Gainesville, Signee: Ruth Taylor
Ozark County Health Department- Gainsville, Signee: Rhonda Suter
Ozark County Chamber of Commerce- Gainsville, Signee: Lynne Bentele
Southwest Office on Aging- Alton, Signee: Barbara Nixl
City of Gainesville- Signee: Donald G. Luna
Ozark County- Signees: Greg Donley Commissioner; David Morrison, Presiding Commissioner
Texas County Commission- Signee: Donald E. Shelhammer, Presiding Commissioner
Shannon County- Signee Tony Orchard Presiding Commissioner
Mountain Grove Senior Center- Mountain Grove, Signee: Becky Davis
Houston Senior Center- Houston, Signee: Bernadine Hohet
City of Mountain Grove- Signee: Delbert Crewse, Mayor
First Home Savings Bank- Mountain Grove, Signee: Diane Emery
Town & Country Bank- Mountain Grove, Signee: Levi McDaris
City of Houston- Signees: Steve Hutchison, Mayor; Larry Sutton, City Administrator
Texas County Memorial Hospital- Houston, Signee: W F G Murrey
Landmark Bank- Houston, Signee: Eric Wells
Houston Area Chanber of Commerce- Houston, Signee: Sharon Horbyk, Executive Director
West Plains Senior Center- West Plains, Signee: Vicki Jones
Ava Area Chamber of Commerce- Ava, Signee: Mandy Mackey
Douglas County- Signee: James D. Linder, Presiding Commissioner
City of Ava- Signee: Leon Harris, Mayor
Douglas County Health Department- Ava, Signee: Pamela Cusey
Mo Ozarks Community Health- Ava, Signee: Jennifer Hanlein
City of West Plains- Signee: Joe Paul Evans, Mayor
Howell County- Signees: Larry Spence, Presiding Commissioner; Mark B. Collins, Associate Commissioner; Bill Lovelase, Associate Commissioner
West Plains Civic Center- West Plains, Signee: Carl O Johnson, Jr
Howell County Extention- West Plains, Signee: Brenda Bell
OAD- West Plains, Signee: Bary Huhue
City of Hartville- Signee: Wanda Cope, Mayor
Wright County- Signees: Rex Epperly, Presiding Commissioner; Tammy Gaddis, Eastern District Commissioner; Mike Sherman, Western District Commissioner
City of Thayer- Signee: Earl D. Koyes
Bank of Thayer- Thayer, Signee: Adam Courter
E-Communications, LLC- Thayer, Signee: Robert Eckman
Norman Orr Office Supply- West Plains, Signee: Rick Grigsby
Healthy Lifstyles- West Plains, Signee: Debbie Fox
KHOM & KBMV- West Plains, Signee: Joetta L. Creason
Downtown Antiques- West Plains, Signee: Toney Aid
American Red Cross- West Plains, Signee: Jan Rickut
Ozark Independent Living- Cape Girardeau, Signee: Jewel Euierrar
The Avenue Theater- West Plains, Signee: Terry Hampten
City of Sedalia- Signee: Elaine Horn, Mayor
Columbia Citizens for Disability Advocacy- Columbia, Signee: Charles E. Dudley Jr., Administrator
Cut-n-Up Salon- Moberly, Signee: Jessi Baumann Tenney, Stylist & Farouk Educator
Run Moldy Fig- Central MO, Signee: Mel, Owner
The Law Office of Eric J. Stockton- St. Louis, Signee: Eric J Stockton Esq.
Autism Alliance of Greater Kansas City- Kansas City, Signee: Robin Russell, President
Autism Alliance of Northwest Missouri- St. Joseph, Signee: Jamie Bachman, President
Mid-Missouri Advocacy Coalition- Centrailia, Signee: John P. Hinton, ViceChair MMAC
ThinkFirst Missouri- Columbia, Signee: Michelle Gibler
Missouri Assistive Technology- Blue Springs, Signee: C. Marty Exline, Director
Individuals/Advocates- (Centralia) Robin Awery; (West Plains) Marilyn L. Martin, Brandon Maxwell, Nancy Hedrick, Katie Black; (Richmond Heights) Regina Engelken; Bill Townsend


State of Montana- Signee: Governor Brian Schweitzer

The University of Montana
- Missoula, Signee: George M. Dennison, President
Lissie's Luv Yums
-Great Falls, Signee: Melissa Clark, CEO; Johnelle Howanach
Westaff of Helena Montana- Helena, Signee: James A. Nys, President
Flathead Industries- Kalispell, Vickie Poynter, CEO
Montana State Fund- Helena, Signee: Laurance Hubbard, President/CEO
First Interstate BancSystem, Inc.- Billings, Signee: Richard H. Rodriguez, VP- Human Resources
Northern Montana Hospital- Havre, Signee: Joseph Schmier, Vice President of Employee Services
Montana Statewide Independent Living Council- Helena, Signee: Robert Bushing, SILC Chairperson
City & County of Butte- Silver Bow- Signee: Paul D. Babb, Chief Executive
City & County of Missoula- Signees: Mayor John Engen; Board of Commissioners: Michele Landquist, Chair; Bill Carey, Commissioner; Jean Curtiss, Commissioner
Montana Telecommunications Access Program- Signee: Connie Phelps, Director.
City of Bozeman- Signee: Jeffery K. Krauss, Mayor
Individuals/Advocates- Signees: (Billings), Kathleen Toohill,Telecommunications Consultatnt


State of Nebraska, Signee:Governor Dave Heineman

State of Nebraska, Signee: Nebraska Legislature
United States Attorney- Districk of Nebraska- Signee: United States Attorney Deborah Gilg
People First of Nebraska
-Broken Bow, Signee: Joe Govier, State Advisor
The ARC of Nebraska-Lincoln, Signee: Marla Fischer-Lempke
The ARC of Lincoln/Lancaster County, Signee: Teri M. Roberts, Executive Director
The ARC of Nebraska-Lincoln, Signee: Marla Fischer-Lempke
City of Bellevue, Signee: Gary Mixan, Mayor
Brain Injury Association of Nebraska, Signee: Kate Jarecke, President
Nebraska League of Human Dignity, Signee: Mike Schafer, Director
NE Statewide Independent Living Council, Signee: Kathy Hoell, Executive Director
City Of Lincoln, Signee: Chis Beutler, Mayor
Fillmore County, Signee: Board of Supervior's Board Chairman
People First of Grand Island- Grand Island, Signee: Lynn Redding, President
The ARC of Central Nebraska- Grand Island, Signee: Mike Follmer, President
City of Grand Island, Signee: Margaret Hornady, Mayor, RaNae Edwards, City Clerk
Omaha League of Human Dignity Center for Independent Living, Signee: Bob Gomez, Director
Lincoln League of Human Dignity Center for Independent Living, Signee: Marlene Brondel, Director
Norfolk League of Human Dignity Center for Indepentent Living, Signees: Jean Kloppenborg, Director, Charlotte Brewer, Melayne Danskins, Jesus Umarte, Deb Anderson
Kerney League of Human Dignity Medicaid Waiver Office, Signee: Lorrie Wold, Director
North Platte League of Human Dignity Medicaid Waiver Office, Signee: Irene Britt, Supervisor
Scottsbluff League of Human Dignity Medicaid Waiver Office, Signee: Linda Higgins, Director
Panhandle Independent Living- Scottsbluff, Signee: Carroll Mohrbutter, Board Member
City of Omaha- Signee: Jim Suttle, Mayor
Hamilton County Board of Commissioners- Signees: Jerry Hoegh, Chairman, Larry Fox, Vice Chairman, Wally Driewer, Clarence Trumble, Tim Bergen
Nebraska Assistive Technology Partnership- Lincoln, Signee: Leslie Novacek
Nebraska Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities- Lincoln, Signee: Mary Gordon, Council Director
PTI Nebraska- Omaha, Signee: Glenda F. Davis, Executive Director
Great Plains Paralyzed Veterans of America- Omaha, Signee: Randy Squire
Home Instead Senior Care- Norfolk, Signee: Andrea Trautman
O'Neill League of Human Dignity- O'Neill, Signees: Jean M. Kloppenberg, Sandra Duncan, Jane Peterson
Envisions- Norfolk, Signees: 5 Proclamations from: Sarah Anderson, Sue Weyhrich, Cassie Anson, Chris Kost, Sara Gardner
Coleridge Level III Program- Coleridge, Signees: 8 Proclamations from: Janice M. Peregoy, Suzanne Lukas, Lisa Gowey, Ahren Ferris, Bernice Maxwell, Kimberly K. Nelson, Dana Hanson, Eli Schantz,
NE Services for the Visually Impaired- Norfolk, Signee: Illegible
NCBVI- Norfolk, Signee: Connie Carlow
Nebraska Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired- Norfolk, Signees: Debbie Schraman, Alan Dunkop, Dave Robinson, John C. Schmitt
ALLPLAY Poundation, Inc.- Omaha, Signee: Bruce W. Froendt, President
North Stare Services- O'Neill, Signees: Cary Deane, Lita Leach, Malenie Aokie
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska- Norfolk, Signees: Kesalia Hanson, Gale Jungemann-Schulz, Andrea Kucera
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska- Omaha, Signees: Jay Eason, MSW,LCSW,LIM4P, LAOC; Trezure Peterson; Roxie Gould
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska- Lincoln, Signees: Jennifer Brown, Shelia Wolff
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska- Sioux City, Signee: Cynthia Lingbach
People First of O'Neill- Signee: Linda Kallhoff
Sioux City JEP- Signee: Scott Barta
Wayne Housing Authority- Wayne, Signee: Trine McBride
Parent to Parent Network- Norfolk, Signee: Robert Gerean
Lancaster County- Signees: Board of County Commissioners
RW Engineering & Surveying, Inc- Omaha, Signee: Russell W. Falconer, President
The Designers- Omaha, Signee: Marilyn Hanson, President
Individuals/Advocates- (Scottsbluff) Nickolas Perales, Doris Moore, Mila Clay, Catherine Schumacker, Nancy Laucomer, Laurie Kennedy, Dee Dee Mead, Linalia E. Higgins (Gering) Cheryl Hyae, Doyle Thompson, Dorothy Robinson, Jesus Garcia (Gordon) Velma Wallingford (Minatore) Rosa Mekina, (Olympus) Ann L Evans, Verna McDart; (Tilden) Jane Jiner; (Norfolk) Claudette Banks, Maria Mendes, Elroy Medancy, Ashley Amen, Michael Smith, Lynn Briard, Gus Ano, Katheeyn Cook, Viviene G. Keller, Robert Alan Johnson, Michelle Griffith, Carol Griffith, Brooke Bouck, Mateni M Sennery;(Columbus) Eugene Bierman; (Randolph) David B Meyer; (Coleridge) Ronnette Wemhoff, Loran R. Epp, Landon Epp, Tamera Epp;(Oakland) Jennifer Ponure; ( St. Helena) Linda Hochstein, Joe Hochstein; (Fordgee) Larry Stockelheinaid,Dennis Stockelheinaid Kailey Davis; (Crofton) Patricia A. Harold; (Bellevue) Tracy Daley


Impresario Arts Integrated Education- Reno, Signee: Tami Castillo, Diector of Education

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Governor's Commission on Disability-Concord, Signee: Paul Van Blarigan, Chair
City of Manchester, Signee: Theodore L. Gatsas, Mayor
Voice of Promise, Inc.-Columbia, Signee: Valerie Smith, Founder and Executive Director
Currier Museum of Art- Manchester, Signee: Leah Fox, Director of Public Programs
NAMI NH- Concord, Signee: Michael J. Cohen, Executive Director
Granite State Independent Living- Concord, Signees: Clyde E. Terry, Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Dickerson, Advocacy Coordinator
Disabilities Rights Center- Concord, Signee: Richard A. Cohen, Esq.
The Permanent Committee on Architectural Barrier-Free Design- Concord, Signee: David Gleason, Chairman
New Hampshire Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)- Concord, Signee: Ken Mailloux, SILC Chair
Wagoner Expert Services- Lebanon, Signee: Randy G. Wagoner, President
Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire- Concord, Signee: Steve Wade, Executive Director
NH Family Voices- Concord, Signee: Martha- Jean Madison & Terry ohlson Martin, Co-Directors
Dog Guide Users of NH- Concord, Signee: Carol Holmes, President
The Parent Information Center- Concord, Signee: Kevin Lew-Hanson, Executive Director
New Hampshire Association of the Deaf- Manchester, Signee: Marie Desrosiers, NHAD Vice President
Great Bay Neurosurgical- Dover, Signee: Melvin E. Prostkoff, MD, President & CEO
People First of New Hampshire- Concord, Signee: Janet Hunt, Executive Coordinator

New Jersey

MOCEANS Center for Independent Living,- Long Branch Inc.,Signee: Joanne M. Goff, Executive Director
Toms River Mayor's Advisory Committee on ADA, Signee: Regina Farris, Chair
Choice Group-Burlington, Signee: Dorothy Johnson, Member
Kingdom Church Youth Ministry-Ewing, Signee: Cynthia Pittman, Volunteer
Deschamps Mat Systems, Inc.-Clifton, Signee: Sebastien Ragon
National MS Society- Oakhurst, Signee: Jackie Jackson, MS Ambassador & advocate
Passaic County Community College- Paterson, Signee: Gina Carson, Disabilities Specialist
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network- Newark, Signee: Diana MTK Autin, Executive Co-Director
Family Voices- Newark, Signee: Lauren Agoratus, NJ Coordinator
Township of Livingston- Signee: Arlene Johnson, Mayor
Alliance for Disabled in Action- Edison, Signee: Carole Tonks, Executive Director
National Association of Social Workers- NJ Chapter- Edison, Signee: Walter X. Kalman, Executive Director
Borough of South River- Signee: Raymond T. Eppinger, Mayor
Next Step- Elizabeth, Signee: Samuel O. Jenkins, Member
Hip- Paramus, Signee: Gloria Lieberstein
DIAL- Center for Independent Living- Clifton, Signee: John Petix, Jr., Executive Director
Latino Psychological Association of New Jersey- North Arlington, Signee: Lorna Myers, President
Middlesex County- Signees: Board of Chosen Feeholders; Christopher D. Rafano, Director; Margaret E. Pemberton, Clerk of the Board; Caroll Barrett; H. James Polos; Milred S. Scott; Stephen J. Dalina; Ronald G. Rios; Blanquita B. Valenti
CILSJ- Westville, Signee: Danuta Debicki, Program Manager
Community Access Unlimited- Elizabeth, Signees: Shakeerah Bryant, Director of Residential Services ; Tina L. Salva, Director of Residential Services
Piscataway Municipal Government- Signee: Brian C. Wahler, Mayor
Newslettercensored- Lodi, Signee: William J. Eiseman, Ph.D
DAWN Center for Independent Living- Denville, Signee: Carmela Slivinski, Executive Director
Spectrum for Living- River Vale, Signee: Carmine Marchionda, President/CEO
Resources for Independent Living, Inc.- Burlington, Signee: Lisa Killion-Smith, Executive Director
Progressive Center for Independent Living- Hamilton, Signee:Scott Elliott, Executive Director
Borough of Glassboro- Signee: Mayor McCabe & City Council

New Mexico

The New Mexico Governor's Commission on Disability- Signee: Jim Parker
The City of Roswell- Signee: Del Jurney, Mayor
New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation- Santa Fe, Signee: Ralph Vigil, Director
Disability Rights Center- Signee: Janine Bertam, President
Individuals/Advocates- (Zia Pueblo) Andrea Shie

New York

State of New York- Signee: Governor David A Paterson

Business Access Solutions
,Signee: Tamar Freudmann, President
Adaptive Clothing Showroom-Monsey, Signee: M. Morgenstern, President
Hand in Hand Development Inc.- New York- Signee: Leah Ester Lax, PhD.
Sinergia, Inc.- New York, Signee: Myrta Cuadra-Lash, Executive Director
Sanford Brown Institute, New York- New York, Signee: Daniel Lenzo, President
Stony Brook University- Stony Brook, Signee: Samual L Stanley Jr.,MD, President
Molloy College- Rockville Centre, Signee: Drew Bogner, Ph. D., President.
Yeshiva University- New York, Signee: Rochelle Kohn, Director of Disability Services
The YMCA of Greater Rochester- Rochester, Signee: Fernan Cepero, PHR, Vice President Human Resources
Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH)- New York, Signee: Stuart Vidockler, Chairman
Epilepsy Life Links- Middletown, Signee: Ann Marie Bezuyen, Executive Director
Long Island Business Institute- Flushing, Signee: Stacy Johnson, Chief Academic Officer
International Dyslexia Association- New York- Signee: Jo Anne Simon, President
Westchester Council of the Blind- Mount Kisco, Signee: Richard Laine, Board Member
Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group- White Plains, Signee: Marcelo Lancman, M.D., Medical Director
New York State APSE- Albany, Signee: Andrew Karhan & Jeffrey Tamburo, Co-Presidents
Welcome Change Productions- New York- Signee: Alice Elliott, Director
Northeast ADA Center- Ithaca, Signee: Wendy Strobel, Director
Cornell University Disabilities Services Team- Ithaca, Signee: Sara Furguson, President
Rochester Rehabilitation Center, Inc.- Rochester, Signee: Cynthia R. Huether, President/CEO
Erie County Office for the Disabled- Buffalo, Signee: Sharon Walkowiak, Administrative Clerk
Citywide Council on Special Education- New York, Signees: John Englert, Co-President;Jaye Bea Smalley, Co-President; Rebecca Ramos, Vice President; Lakisha Brooks, Recording Secretary; Patricia Connelley, Treasurer; Natasha Brown; Ellen McHugh; Lori Podvesker; Maria Farano-Rodriguez; Nikiesha London-Sylvester; Maria Uruchima
The Neal Law Offices- New York, Signee: William S. Neal, Esq. LTCMDR RET, Managing Attorney
ECC One-Stop & SASI- Orchard Park, Signee: Julia M. Hall Disability Program Navigator
Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene- Brooklyn, Signee: Olgo Ivnitsky, WIPA Program Director
New York State Disabilities Advocacy Association & Network- Signee: Kathryn Cappella, Executive Director
Southern Adirondack Independent Living Center- Queensbury, Signee: Karen A. Thayer, Executive Director
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation- Albany, Signee: Carole Fraser, Access Coordinator
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation- Division of Lands & Forests
- Albany, Signee: David Forness, Bureau Chief, State Land Management
New Yorkers for Accessible Health Coverage- New York, Signee: Heidi Siegfried, Program Director
SANYS- Albany- Signee: Shameka Andrews, Advocate
Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley, Inc.- Troy, Signee: Denise A. Figueroa, Executive Director
VESID- New York, Signee: Rachel Astalos, Workforce Development & Marketing Representative
Capital District Chapter ACB- Albany, Signee: Kathy Casey, Treasurer
American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees Local 2574- Belmont, Signee: Monica D. Cole, President
AIM Independent Living Center- Belmont, Signee: Thomas Boyle Coordinator, CDPAS
Directions in Independent Living Inc.- Olean, Signee: Howard Cornwall, Program Director/ Accessibility Consultant
Allegany County DSS/ NT CONNECTS- Belmont, Signee: Monica D. Cole, Caseworker
Independence Today News- Troy, Signee: Patricio Figueroa, Jr., Editor/Publisher
Jones Memorial Hospital- Wellsville, Signee: Jessa Miller-Young, PT
City of Amherst- Signees: Town Board Councilmen; Dr. Barry A. Weinstein, Supervisor; Guy R. Marlette, Deputy Supervisor; Mark A. Manna; Barbara S. Nuchereno; Richard "Jay" Anderson; Steven D. Sanders
City of Albany- Signee: John Marsolais, City Clerk & Clerk to the Common Council
Individuals/Advocates- (New York) Jaye Bea Smalley

North Carolina

State of North Carolina- Signee: Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue

Push America
-Charlotte, Signee: Chad A. Coltrane, CEO
Double Eagle Enterprises, Inc.-Murphy, Signee: Joyce S. Reynolds, Manager
North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities-Raleigh, Signee: ADA Network Coordinator
Disability Rights North Carolina-Raleigh, Signee: Vicke Smith, Executive Director
The North Carolina Disability Action Network-Raleigh, Signee: Michael Murray, Project Director
F.I.R.S.T. - Ashville, Signee: Janet Price-Ferrell, Exectutive Director
Team Daniel, LLC- Fayetteville, Signee: Denise Mercado, CEO
Autism Society of North Carolina- Raleigh, Signee: Kerri Erb, Quality Managment Director
Family Support Network of Wake County- Cary, Signee: Rene Morrison, Executive Director
disAbility Resource Center- Wilmington, Signee: Gloria Garton, Executive Director
Coach K9 & Associates Pet Behaviour Solutions- Graham, Signee: Joseph Crayton, Owner/Director of Training
National Association of Social Workers-NC Chapter - Raleigh, Signee: Katherine Boyd, Executive Director
National Inclusion Project, Inc.- Reserch Triangle Park, Signee: Jerry Aiken, Executive Director
ACI Support Specialist, Inc.- Garner, Signee: Rita Barnes, Services Director
Bayada Nurses- Eden, Signee: Donna Dagenhart, Director
North Carolina Psychological Association- Raleigh, Signee: Sally Cameron, Executive Director
Bridge II Sports- Durham, Signee: Ashley Thomas, Executive Director
Jones Law PLLC- Winston-Salem, Signee: Brian E. Jones, Managing Member
The Arc of Moore County- Southern Pines, Signee: Wendy Russell, Executive Director
Don Trobaugh & Associates- Greensboro, Signee: Don Trobaugh, Principal
Journey, Inc.- Charlotte, Signee: Teri E. Layzell, MSW,LCSW, Program Director
Western Alliance Center for Independent Living- Ashville, Kathy Hollingsworth, Associate Diector
Journey to Wellness, a Mental Health Agency for the Deaf, Hard-of Hearing, Late-Deafened & Deaf-Blind- Charlotte: Signee: Julianne gold Brunson, Ph.D., Program Director
Feed his Sheep Church/Steller Peer Recovery Center- Clayton, Signee: Dorothy W. O'Neal, Pastor
Health Link Rowan- Salisbury, Signee: Cynthia Dillingham, Director
NAMI Forsyth County- Winston-Salem, Signee: Louise Whealton, Affiliate President
N.C. Center for Nonprofits- Raleigh, Signee: David Heinen, Director of Public Policy & Advocacy
Pathways for the Future Center for Independent Living- Sylva, Signee: Keith Greenarch
First in Families of North Carolina- Durham, Betsy MacMichael, State Director
Instructional Consulting Group, Inc.- Chapel Hill, Signee: Barbara Hall, Secretary
N.C. Center for Voter Education- Raleigh, Signee: Damon Circosta, Executive Director
North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation- Charlotte, Signee: Gary L. Mason Jr., Business Relations Representative
The Adaptables, Inc.- Winston-Salem, Signee: Kay Miley, Independent Living Coordinator
Kapabilities-Eden, Signee: Kay Miley
Association of Self Advocates of NC- Raleigh, Signee: Eric Chavis, Board Chair
Premier Healthcare Services, Inc.- Raeford, Signee: Hillary Rumppe, Director of Administration
Cornerstone Treatment Facility, Inc.- Wadesboro, Signee: Fred Surgoen, CEO
University of North Carolina School of Law at Chapel Hill- Chapel Hill, Jennifer R. Kott, Director of Admissions
Brain Injury Association of NC- Raleigh, Signee: Sandra Farmer, President
Southeastern Cognitive Development- Clinton, Signee: Shirley Davis, CEO
Woodward Communications- Raleigh, Signee: Lorraine Woodward, Executive Director
Garriss Hardy & Associates, LLC- Summerfield, Signee: Beth Garriss Hardy, Owner
Options Access WIPA Project- Rocky Mount, Signee: Linda Merritt, Project Director
North Carolina Mental Hope- Asheville, Signee: David Cornwell, Executive Director
Lee County Industries, Inc.- Sanford, Signee: Sue Marshburn, Associate Director
Mental Health Association in NC, Inc., Wilson county Affliliate- Wilson, Signee: Janelle B. Clevinger, Executive Director
Print & Photo Plus- Fayetteville, Signee: Charles H. Cooper, Owner
TACSI Assistive Systems- Graham, Signee:Joan Black, President
Piedmont Triad Community Resource Connections for Aging and Disabilities- Greensboro, Signee: Lorri Roth, Executive Director
The Arc of Alamance County- Burlington, Signee: Margaret Livingood, Executive Director
The Arc of Beaufort County- Washington, Signee: Sandra Buckman, Executive Director
The Arc of Davidson County- Lexington, Signee: Vera McRae, Executive Director
The Arc of Mecklenburg County- Charlotte, Signee: Lauren Mullis, Executive Director
The Arc of Stanly County- Albemarle, Signee: Peggy Terhune, Executive Director
The Arc of Haywood County- Waynesville, Signee: Holly Lemieux, Executive Director
Orange County Rape Crisis Center- Chapel Hill, Signee: Shamecca Q. Bryant, Executive Director
City of Durham- Signee: William V. "Bill" Bell, Mayor
Spring Place- Greensboro, Signee: Amelia Brady, Leasing & Marketing Manager
disAbility Resource Center- Wilmington, Signee: Gloria Garton, Executive Director
People We Are (Self Advocates)- Raleigh, Signees: 12 Proclamations from: Nathaniel Winn, Rich Davis, Jeff Smith, Ed Stahl, Gerald Baugh, Christopher Smith, Israel Jacob Pattison, Rose Reaves, Robert john Gillis, Revonda Russas, Jeffery Horsman, Shauni Thoenen,
Disability Rights & Resources- Charlotte, Signees: Becky Williams, ADA & Community Education Coordinator; Melanie Wolf, Travel Training Coordinator
Rebuilding Together of Forsyth County- Winston-Salem, Signee: Cindy Arrington, President
Deaf Connections- Charlotte, Signee: Antoinette DeLuca
Mecklenburg County Advocacy Council- Charlotte, Signee: Antoinette DeLuca
Jackson County Department on Aging- Sylva, Signee: Helen Bryson, Director
Macon County- Signee: Ronnie Bede
Town of Sylva- Signee: Maurice Moody, Mayor
Mountain Mediation Services- Sylva, Signee: Lorraine Johnson, Executive Director
Graham County Senior Center- Robbinsville, Signee: Wanda Hill
Graham County- Signee: Sandra Smith, Chairman Board of Commissioners
Vocational Rehabilitation- Murphy, Signee: Audry Parker
Smoky Mountain Center- Sylva, Signee: Kevin Core
Smoky Mountain Center- Waynesville, Signee: Laura Janson
Southwestern Comm AAA- Sylva, Signee: Mary Barker
Food Lion- Sylva, Signee: Perry Whitt
Clearwater Well Inc.- Weaverville, Signee: Ricky Lee Pouder
Artom Enterprises- Fletcher, Signee: George Artom
Macon County CRC- Franklin, Signee: Janet Norman
Macon County Senior Services- Franklin, Signee: Sheila C. Southard
N.C. Community Resource Connections- Waynesville, signee: Odile Milah
Great Laurels of Junaluska- Waynesville, Signee: Nancy C. Burleson
Haywood Vocational Opp. Inc. - Waynesville, Signee: Donna Trull
REACH of Haywood County, Inc.- Waynesville- Signee: Susan C Macon
Alzheimer's Association, Western Carolina Chapter- Waynesville, Signee: Larry Alan Reeves
Mountain Projects, Inc- Waynesville, Signees: Mark Carden, John Chicoine
30th Judicial Alliance- Waynesville, Signee: Kim Gardner
Subway- Andrews, Signee: Amy Orr
China I- Andrews, Signee: Kong Wang
The Jarrett House- Dillsboro, Signee: James R. Thurtbayer
Tim's Auto Parts- Sylva- Signee: Illegible
Awakening- Sylva, Signee: Bruno Jas
Milton Funeral Home- Sylva- Signee: Rachel Gates
The Print House- Sylva, Signee: Tammy Schilly
Love Boone Rentals- Boone, Signee: William Purcell
Defy Gravity Freelancing- Boone, Signee: William Purcell
Kapabilities- Eden, Signee: Kay Miley
Steam Services of America- Sylva- Signee: Celeste Granger
Creative Sportswear- Andrews, Signee: Jarry Cox
Andrews Hardware- Andrews, Signees: Willis Heses, Carlene Gamelli
Old Town Brokers- Andrews, Signee: Roy Sargent
Metalwood Recycling, Inc.- Sylva, Signee: Dona Arrington
Insight Marketing- Sylva, Signee: Cathy Arrington
Plus Linen & Uniform Service- Canton, signee: Doug Johnson
Pizza Hut- Canton, Signee: Susan Gates
Waynesville Senior Center- Waynesville, Signee: Sam Falce
Haywood Co. Schools- Waynesville, Signee: Martha Ann Barnett
Style Sheet- Sylva, Signee: Cliff Blakley
Fatz Cafe- Franklin, Signee: Susan Sanders
Mountain Energy- Sylva, Signee: Helen Crowder
Arbys- Cherokee, Signee: Scott Whitlock
Swain County Senior Center- Bryson City, Signee: Marlene Venson
Swain Public Trainsit- Bryson City, Signee: Marlene Venson
Jackson County Board of Commissioners- Sylva, Signee: Brian Thomas McMahan, Chairman
Waynesville Board of Alderman- Signee:Gavin A. Brown, Mayor
Fred's - Bryson City, Signee: Deborah Swistara
Family Support Network- Sylva, Signee: Julia A Davis
NC DAN Board- Sylva Signees; Keith Greenarch, Warte Melko
Graham Co. EMS- Robbinsville, Signee: Loy Henlne
Adult Services at Graham DSS- Robbinsville, Signee: Michelle Jones
Andy Shaw Ford- Sylva, Signee: Deale Brerlkey
Town of Canton- Signee: Pat Smathers, Mayor
Perferred Alternatives, Inc- Fayetteville, Signee: Marsha Brown, ES Consultant
Access Homes NC- Cary, Signee: Karen E Barbour, Owner
Association of Self Advocates of NC- Raleigh, Signee: Eric Chavis, Board President
CMSC on Shamrock- Charlotte, Signee: Myra S. Green, Director
Individuals/Advocates- (Greensboro) Stephen W. Black, Programmer-Analyst; (Fayettville) Jackie Blue; (Robbinsville) Lana Moss Raxter, Grant Budse, Mickey Duvall, Charlene Wood; (Sylva) Myra Mente, Debbie Elders; (Charlotte) Sam Query

North Dakota

North Dakota Council on the Arts-Bismarck, Signee: Janine Webb, Executive Director
Independence, Inc. RCIL-Minot, Signee: Therese Besemann, Systems Change Specialist
Rehabilitation Consulting and Services-Fargo, Signee: Rob Block, Business Specialist
The Arc of Bismark- Bismark, Signee: Veronica Zietz, Executive Director
City of Grand Forks- Signee: Michael R. Brown, Mayor


Ohio Attorney General- Columbus, Signee: Richard Cordray, Attorney General
Ohio Domestic Violence Network
,Signee: Nancy Neylon, Director
The ARC-Hamilton County, Signee: Ann Snyder, Self Advocacy & Public Policy Coordinator
VOICEcorps Reading Service-Columbus, Signee: Sandy Turner, Director
The Arc of Greater Cleveland, Signee: Cynthia Norwood, Executive Director
Impact Community Action-Columbus, Signee: Robert "Bo" Chilton, Executive Director
VSA Arts of Ohio-Columbus, Signee: Erin Hoppe, Director
Columbus Library for Accessible Services, Signee: Suzanne Barnes, Services Librarian
The Ohio State University-Columbus, Signee: Lauren M. Sanders, Coordinator of the American Sighn Language Program
Recreational Sports, Ohio State University-Columbus, Signee: Lindsay Meyer, Coordinator, Adapted Recreational Sports
Ohio State Community Programs-Columbus, Signee: Lindsay Meyer, Coordinator
AXIS Center for Public Awareness-Columbus, Signee: Sue Willis, Director
Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Signee: Jed Morison, Superintendent (on behalf of over 15,000 children and adults served)
City of Springfield, Signee: Karen R. Copeland, Mayor & President of the City Commission
Multicultural Center, The Ohio State University-Columbus, Signee: Rebecca R Nelson, Assistant Vice President for Student Life, and Director, Multicultural Center
Rehabilitation Services Commission-Columbus, Signee: Betsy Bachtel, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Ohio Governor's Council on People with Disabilities-Columbus, Signee: 2009-2010 GCPD Council Members
ADA-OHIO-Columbus, Signee: M.L. Vaughan
American Council of the Blind of Ohio-Columbus, Signee: Mary Hiland, Executive Director
Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Signee: Eddie Harrll, Jr., Chairman; G. Michael Payton, Executive Director
The Ohio State University ADA Coordinator's Office, Signee: L. Scott Lissner, University ADA Coordinator
The University System of Ohio-Board of Regents, Signee: Eric D. Fingerhut, Chancellor
Ohio Legal Rights Service-Columbus, Signee: Michael Kirkman, Executive Director
Vocational Guidance Services- Cleveland, Signee: Mick Latovich, Vice President, Rehabilitation Services
Columbus City Schools, Columbus Board of Education, Signee: Carol L. Perkins, President
The Ability Center of Greater Toledo- Sylvania, Signee: Sue Hetrick, Director of Public Policy
Linking Employment, Abilities & Potential (LEAP) - Cleveland, Signee: Melanie Hogan, Executive Director
Paralyzed Veterans of America, Buckeye Chapter- Euclid, Signee: Carl Harris
New Avenues to Independence, Inc.- Cleveland, Signee: Thomas M. Lewins, Executive Director
Koinonia Homes- Independence, Signee: Lina Monteleone, Director
The Rendville Art Works- Rendville, Signee: Elizabeth Dillehay, Assistant Director
Indavuale- Cincinnati, Signee: Kenneth Rice
Tri-County Independent Living Center, Inc.- Akron, Signee: Rose Juriga, Executive Director
Auglaize County Board of DD- New Bremen, Signee: Greg A. Ferrau, Director
Hear and There Audio Magazine- Cincinnati, Signee: Dave Uhlman, Producer
Center for Independent Living Options- Cincinnati, Signee: Kat Lyons, Advocacy Coordinator
Society for Equal Access/I.L.C., Inc.- New Philadelphia, Signee: Dianne K. Renicker, Executive Director
City of Columbus- Signee: Richard Isbell, ADA Coordinator
Employment Connection- Cleveland, Signee: Michelle Lawson-Brown, Disability Program Navigator
Housing Resource Group- Cincinnati, Signee: Julie Bohl
RHC/ Resident Home Corporation- Cincinnati, Signee: Patrick Maynard Phd
Lorain County Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities- Signee: Mary Butler, Chair
Services for Independent Living, Inc- Cleveland, Signee: Lynn Hildebrand, Executive Director
Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio- Cleveland, Signee: Thomas Meyer, President, Board of Trustees
Board of Cuyahoga County Commissioners Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities- Cleveland, Signee: Lynn Ruffner, Chair
COSI- The Center of Science & Industry- Columbus, Signee: Jeff Grunewald
Goddesses Blessing Goddesses Org.- Bedford, Signee: Min. Dr. LaDonna Blaylock, Executive Director
Mid-Ohio Board for an Independent Living Environment- Columbus, Signee: Brent C. Simonds, Advocacy Coordinator
Tourette Syndrome Association of Ohio- Cincinnati, Signee: Joleah Dean
Cerebral Palsy Association of Ohio- Columbus, Signee: Beverly Johnson, Executive Director
Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities- Mt. Vernon, Signee: Steve Oster, Superintendent
PAR- Professionals, Advocates, Resources- Mansfield, Signee: Bethany Schultz, President
Coshocton County Board of Developmental Disabilities- Coshocton, Signee: Steve Oster, Superintendent
New Hope Industries, Inc- Mount Vernon, Signee: Dennis Eggerton, CEO
Southeastern Ohio Center for Independent Living- Lancaster, Signee: Staff Members Linda McDonald, Lisa Motsch, Scott Campbell, Dianne Lamb, Mary Clark, Pam Patula
United Cerebral Palsy of Central Ohio- Columbus, Signee: Kathy Streblo, Executive Director
Champaign Residential Services, Inc. (CRSI)- Urbana, Signee: R M Mduson, President, Board of Trustees
Capabilities, Inc.- St. Marys, Signee: Justin Blumhorst, Business Development Specialist
Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence, Inc- Columbus, Signee: Charleta B. Tavares, Executive Director
Sanford Brown College- Cleveland- Middleburg Hts., Signees: 102 Signed Proclamations from Faculty, Staff, & Students
Transcribers for The Ohio State University- Columbus, Signee: Jodi Tobin, Transcriber
Absolute Care LLC- Columbus, Signee: Mark King, CEO
City of Zanesville- Signee: Howard S. Zwelling, Mayor
Access Center IL- Dayton, Signee: Maria A. Matzik, Event/Volunteer Coordinator
REM Ohio Inc.- Akron, Signee: Carla A. Parker, State Director
M.C. Mobility Systems, Inc.- Mentor, Signee: Ann Bransom, Marketing Manager
St. Augustine Church- Cleveland, Signees: April s. Kinder, Interpreter; Adam Gvozdak
Cuyahoga Community College- Cleveland, Signee: Chelsea Clemons, Student
University of Ohio- Signee: Roderick J. McDavis, President
United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cleveland- Cleveland, Signee: Patricia S. Otter, President & CEO
Western Reserve Independent Living Center- Warren, Signee: Pam Davies, Executive Director
Levine Architecture & Design, Ltd.- Shaker Heights, Signee: Sally L. Levine, AIA, LEED AP
City of Cleveland- Signee: Martin J. Sweeney, President of City Council
Cuyahoga County- Signees: Commissioners; Peter Lawson Jones, President; Timothy F. Hagan, Vice President; Jimmy Dimora, Commissioner
Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation- Columbus, Signee: Suzanne Coleman-Tolbert, President & CEO
City of Sandusky- Signee: Daniel J. Kaman, President Sandusky City Commission
Individuals/Advocates: Signees: (Garfield Heights) Ruth Wagner,Sherryanne Ptaszeh, Patricia Piazza,Robin Benne, Lawrence A. Bielek, (Cleveland) Eileen S. Fox, (Columbus) Tonya R Anderson, Raeanne Woodman, (Cincinnati) Mark J. Burwinkel, (Hilliard) Julianne Benware


State of Oklahoma- Signee: Governor Brad Henry

Cherokee Nation-
Signee: Chad Smith, Principal Chief

Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma
-Tahlequah, Signee: Elizabeth Reeve, State Coordinator
City of Tahlequah- Signee: Ken Purdy, Mayor
Docsoft, Inc.- Oklahoma City, Signee: Phil Miller
Oklahoma Assoc of the Deaf- Tulsa, Signee: Glenna Cooper
Court-Appointed Advocates for Vulnerable Adults of Oklahoma- Oklahoma City, Signee: Ann Trudgeon, Board President
Oklahoma Community-based Providers, Inc.- Oklahoma City, Signee: Judith T. Goodwin, Executive Director
Options, Inc.- Checotah, Signee: Donna Cunningham, Executive Director
Oklahoma Statewide Independent Living Council- Oklahoma City, Signee: Sidna Madden, Executive Director
Garvin County Community Living Center, Inc.- Pauls Valley, Signee: Cathy Cash, CEO
Long Term Care Managment Authority- Tulsa, Signee: Donna Rhodes
Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council- Oklahoma City, Signee: Mark Liotta, Chair
ResCare Oklahoma- Tulsa, Signee: Chris Freedom, Executive Director
Duncan Group Homes- Duncan, Signee: Robin Arter, Executive Director
Total Source for Hearing-loss & Access- Tulsa, Signee: R. Rene' Ryan, Executive Director
Homelife Association- Tulsa, Signee: M. Elizabeth Snider, Executive Director
Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.- Oklahoma City, Signee: Rachel Galindo, Administrative Assitant to Managing Attorney
Oklahoma Department of Human Services- Aging Services Division- Advantage Administration Unit - Tulsa, Signee: Lynne Miles, Program Assistant Administrator
Oklahoma City Mayor's Committee on Disability Concerns- Oklahoma City, Signee: Pam Henry, Chair
Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council- Oklahoma City, Signee: Theresa Hamrick, Program Manager
Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitative Services- Oklahoma City, Signee: Michael O'Brien, Director
TARC- Tulsa, Signee: John F. Gajda, Executive Director
Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation- El Reno, Signee: George Bryan Sykes
City of Stillwater- Signee: Nathan Bates, Mayor


State of Oregon- Signees: Governor Theodore R. Kulongoski, Secretary of State Kate Brown

Regional Arts & Culture Council
-Portland, Signee: Carole Morse, Board Chair
Disability Art & Culture Project- Portland, Signee: Kathy Colman, Artistic Director
The City of Portland- Signee: Sam Adams, Mayor
Multnomah County- Signees: Commissions: Jeff Cogen, County Chair, Deborah Kafoury, District 1, Barbara Willar, District 2, Judy Shiprack, District 3, Diane McKeel, District 4
The City of Bend- Signee: Kathie Eckman, Mayor
Umpqua Valley Disabilities Network- Roseburg, Signees: David James Fricke, Jife L. High, Leif P Johnson, Ruth Durbin, Jolee Kawamura, Michelle Sprague, Viblan McCormick, Sally Joyce, Levona Dinj
Multnomah County Disability Services Advisory Council- Portland, Signee: Jon Vander Veer
All Included!!- Eugene, Signee: David Gilmartin, Community Minister
City of Eugene- Signee: Kitty Piercy, Mayor
City of Springfield- Signee: Sid Leiken, Mayor
City of Salem- Signee: Janet Taylor, Mayor
City of Milwaukki- Signee: Jeremy Ferguson, Mayor
City of Lincoln City- Signee: Lori Hollingsworth, Mayor
City of Bonanza- Signee: Betty Tyree, Mayor
City of Seaside- Signee: Don Larson, Mayor
Disability Rights Center- Signee: Janine Bertam, President
Ride Connections, Inc.- Portland, Signee: Elaine Wells, Executive Director
DHS- Salem, Signee: Gloria M. Anderson
Epilepsy Foundation- Salem, Signee: Marie Kirsch
Oregon Department of Transportation- Signee: Kathy C. Holmes
ODOT Public Transit- Signee: Dinah Van Der Hyde
Alternative Work Concepts- Eugene, Signee: D. Scott Wheeham
Oregon Health & Science University- Signee: Mariann Hyland, Director of Affirmative Action & Equal Oppertunity
Easter Seals Oregon- Salem, Signee: Mark Jorgenson
Governor's Affermative Action Office- Salem, Signee: Katherine Manglona
Portland State University- Signee: Wim Wiewel, President
www.ADAExpert.net - Portland, Signee: David G. Miller, Trainer/Advocate
Metro Council- Portland, Signee: David Bragdon, Council President
Connecting Communities Coalition- Portland, Signee: Therese Grayson, Chair
AdaResults.com- Newberg, Signee: J. Sauer, Developer/Business Analyst
A.L.L. Enterprises, LLC- Portland, Signee: Leslie Dorobek, Co-Founder


NEPA Center for Independent Living-Scranton, Signee:Keith Williams, Community Organizer
ACHIEVA-Pittsburgh, Signee: Marsha Blanco, CEO
Arc of Greater Pittsburgh, Signee: Nancy Murray, President
Pittsburgh Disability Employment Project for Freedom, Signee: Coleen Vuono, Executive Director
Three Rivers Center for Independent Living-Pittsburgh, Signee: Stanley Holbrook, President and CEO; Terri Adams, Public Relations Specialist; Donna Marie Kuchta Bova, Skills Trainer; Nancy Kreinbrook, Skills Trainer Supervisor; Rick McWilliams, Program Manager
Connie George Travel Associates-Glenolder, Signee: Connie George, Owner
Center for Independent Living of Bucks County-Bristol, Signee: Jill Catalanotti, President
Accessibility Matters, LLC-Pittsburgh, Signee: Carol A. Cocuzzi, Principal
Aardvark Adaptive Modifications-Pittsburgh, Signee: Roy Miller, General Manager & Jim Costello, Adaptive Design Manager
The Arc of Westmoreland-Greensburg, Signee: Ray Rykaceski, Director
ACHIEVA-Pittsburgh, Signee: Blanco, CEO
ARC of Greater Pittsburgh, Signee: Nancy Murray, President
Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living-Allentown, Signee:Amy Beck, Executive Director; Gregg Bott, Development Coordinator
Borough of South Williamsport- Signee: David J. Lechniak, Mayor
Lang's Chocolates- Williamsport, Signee: William Lang
Compu-Gen- Williamsport
County of Lycoming- Signees: Commissioners Rebecca A. Burke, Chairperson, Ernest P. Larson Vice Chairman, Jeff C. Wheeland, Secretary
Administrative Office of Fayette County Court- Uniontown, Signee: Tammy Lambie
Juniata College- Huntingdon, Signee: Thomas R. Kepple, Jr., President
PA Council on Independent Living- Harrisburg, Signee: Barbara Orstein, Executive Director
Center for Independent Living Opportunities- York, Signee: Hillary Hasson, Executive Director
Abilities in Motion- Reading, Signee: Ralph Trainer, Executive Director
The Arc of Lehigh & Northhampton Counties- Bethlehem, Signee: Karen L. Grady, Executive Director
Sandord-Brown Institute Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh, Signees: 14 Signed Proclamations from Faculty, Staff & Students
Amtran- Altoona, Signee: Eric Wolf, General Manager
O.K. Stuckey & Son Printing- Altoona, Signee: O.K. Stuckey
City of Williamsport- Signees: Margaret J. Woodring, City Controller; Shirley Lord, City Treasurer
Williamsport Office of the Mayor- Signee: Gabriel Campana, Ed.D
17th District of Pennsylvania in recognition of CILCP- Signee: Congressman Tim Holden
Vision for Equality, Inc.- Philadelphia, Signees: Audrey Coccia & Maureen Devaney, Co-Executive Directors; Camilla Lang, Trainer; Maureen Divaney; Audrey Coccia
CEC- Pittsburgh, Signee: Lisa Finnegan
County of Allegheny- Signee: Dan Onorato, County Executive
Borough of Tamaqua- Signee: Christian Morrison, Mayor
Wayne County- Signees: Wayne County Commissioners
Sanford-Brown Institute Trevose- Trevose, 409 Signed Proclamations from Faculty, Staff, & Student Body
Williamsport Judge- Signee: Judge Marc F. Lovecchio
CILSCPA- Altoona, Signee: Susan Estep, Executive Director
Roads to Freedom CILNCP- Williamsport , Signee: Renee Sluzalis, Executive Director.
Andy's Taxidermy Studio- Williamsport, Signee: John Andreacci
Karasch & Associates- West Chester, Signee: Audrey Greco, Vice President
Individuals/Advocates- (Williamsport) Marc F. Lareccia, Judge.; (Mechanicsburg) Signee: Laurene Kohler

Puerto Rico

Club Rotario Cuidad del Turabo- Caguas, Signee: Damaris Delgado-Vega, President
Santurce Rotary Club- San Juan, Signee: Laura E. Blizzard, President
Trabajadora Social ADA Trainer Network- Signee: Janice Marrero Irizarry, Social Worker, Student Master Rehabilitation Counseling- PUCPR
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico- Ponce, Signee: Maximino Ramos, Ph.D., CRC, Assistant Professor
Puerto Rico Assistive Technology Program- Rio Piedras, Signee: Pedro Ramos, Coordinator
MAVI- San Juan, Signee: Yessica M. Guardiola-Marrero, Attorney
Ruiz Aguirre Law Offices- San Juan, Signee: Irlanda Ruiz, Attorney at Law
Rehabilitacion Vocacional- San Juan, Signee: Dilka J. Benitez, Press & Communications
Sociedad Puertorriquena de Esclerosis Multiple, Inc- Trujillo Alto, Signee: Iris Ortiz- Rosa, Specialist of Services to Special Needs Children
Universidad Interamericana- Arecibo, Signees: Lourdes del R. Carrión, Directora Departamento Ciencias Sociales; Luiz Cruz, Professor
Office of the Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities- San Juan, Signee: José R. Ocasio, Ombudsman
Governor's Committee on Employment for Persons with Disabilities- San Juan, Signee: Oscar Nieves, Director
Universidad Metropolitana- San Juan, Signee:Ms. Maria Torres
Individuals/Advocates- (Ponce) Perez-Costas Family; (Toa Alta) Ramon A. Avila-Andino; (San Juan) Paula C. Rodriguez, Bartty Juan Lugo

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Business Leadership Network,Signee: Patricia Blakemore
Ms. Wheelchair Rhode Island- Kranston, Signee: Kristen Connors, State coordinator
Sanford-Brown Institute- Cranston, Signees: Faculty, Staff & Student Body

South Carolina

South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation-West Columbia, Signee: Iris B. Kleinlercher, Administrative Technical Support
South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation -West Columbia, Signee: Amy B. Kuenzie, Counselor II
Walton Options-North Augusta, Signee: Cyndy Milstead Anyek
South Carolina Dept. of Disabilities & Special Needs- Columbia, Signee: Beverly A.H. Buscemi Ph.D., State Director
Greenville County Workforce Development-Greenville, Signee: Shelia Harper, Program Coordinator/ LWIA EO Officer
City of Anderson- Signee: Terence V. Roberts, Mayor
Boyd Managment Inc.- Columbia, Signee: Steve Wade
Touch the Future, Inc.- Anderson, Signee: Sandy Hanebrink, OTR/L, SC Branch Director
City of Columbia- Signee: Steve Benjamin, Mayor
Disability Resource Center- North Charleston- Signee: Brenda B. Parent, Accessibility Coordinator
SR Concepts- Charleston, Signee: Susan B. Richards, President
League of Women Voters of South Carolina- Columbia, Signee: Barbara Zia, President
Anderson County- Signee: Tommy Dunn, County Council Chairman

South Dakota

Vocational Rehabilitation & Brookings Committee for People with Disabilities-Brookings, Signee: Kimberly Kay Lindell
Center for Disabilities, Signee: Judy Struck, Executive Director
CSD, Signee: Benjamin Soukup, CEO
Independent Living Choices, Signee: Matt Cain, Executive Director
NAMI SD, Signee: Phyllis Arends, Executive Director
National MS Society- North Central States Chapter, Signee: Jennifer Kline, Executive Director
Paralyzed Veterans of America- North Central Chapter, Signee: Joel Niemeyer, Executive Director
South Dakota Association of Community Based Services, Signee: Christie Johnson, Executive Director
South Dakota Association of the Blind, Signee: Linda Biffert & Dawn Brush, Co-Presidents
South Dakota Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, Signee: Shelly Pfaff, Executive Director
South Dakota Council on Developmental Disabilities, Signee: Arlene Poncelet, Executive Director
South Dakota Parent Connection, Signee: Elaine Roberts, Executive Director
South Dakota Statewide Independent Living Council, Signee: Linda Biffert, Chairperson
City of Rapid City- Signee: Alan Hanks, Mayor


TARP Center for Independent Living-Paris,Signee: Marianne Leonard, Independent Living Specialist
Tennessee Disability Coalition-Nashville, Signee: Donna DeStefano, Asst. Executive Director
Workforce Investment-Jackson, Signee: Harvey Buchanan, Disability Program Navigator
College of Direct Support, Signee: Tom King, Communications Director
Tennessee Mental Health Consumers Association-Nashville, Signee: Anthony Fox, Executive Director
Center for Independent Living of Midde Tennessee-Nashville, Signee: Stacy Youngman, Community Work Incentives Coordinator
Work Incentive Planning & Assistance-Nashville, Signee: Alice Owens Gatlin, Program Manager
Technology Access Center- Nashville, Signee: Bob Kibler, Executive Director
Wheel Me On- Clarksville, Signee: Julia Hollenbeck, President/CEO
TARP Center for Independent Living-Paris, Signee: Bob Leonard Executive Director
disABILITY Resource Center- Knoxville, Signee: Lillian Burch, Executive Director
East Tennessee Technology Access Center- Knoxville, Signee: Louise McKown, Public Awarness Coordinator/Systems Change Analyst, on behalf of the Board & Staff
The Arc of Anderson County - Oak Ridge, Signee: Melanie Hensley, Executive Director
East Tennessee State University- Johnson City, Signee: Paul E. Stanton, Jr., President
Knox County Government- Knoxville, signee: Patricia Carson, ADA/ Compliance Coordinator
Anderson County Board of Commissioners- Signees: Mark Alderson, Chair, AC Commission, Rex Lynch, Anderson County Mayor, Jeff Cole, Anderson County Clerk
City of Oak Ridge- Signee: Thomas Beehan, Mayor
Workforce Investment Network- Memphis, Signee: Gwenda Porter, Disability Program Navigator
Center for People with Disabilities, Inc.- Austin, Signee: Mitchell J. Rappaport, President
Middle TN TASH Chapter- Nashville, Signee: Linda K. Messamore, President
Metro Nashville City Council- Nashville, Signee: Darren Jernigan, Councilmember, District 11
Tennessee Health Care Campaign- Nashville, Signee: Tony Garr, Executive Director
Metro Human Relations Commission- Nashville, Signee: Shirley Sims-Saldana, Compliance Services Manager
People First of Waynesboro- Signee: Nicole Daniel
Buffalo River Services, Inc.- Waynesboro, Philip C. Garner, Executive Director
Buffalo River Services, Inc. People First Lewis Co. Chapter- Homenwald, Signee: Don Jones, Mayor
Mid-Tennessee Council of the Blind- Franklin, Signee: Dan Dillon
VSA Tennessee- Gallatin, Signee: Lori Kissinger, Executive Director
City of Dyersburg- Signee: John Holden, Mayor
City of Knoxville- Signee: Bill Haslam, Mayor
Individuals/Advocates- (Cleveland) Brad Weichert, (Knoxville) Mr. David Pappas


State of Texas- Signee: Governor Rick Perry

Center for People with Disabilities, Inc.
-Austin, Signee: Mitchell J. Rappaport, President
Coalition of Texans with Disabilities, -Austin, Signee: Dennis Borel, Executive Director
REACH of Dallas, Signee: Julie Espinoza, On-line Services Coordinator
Disability Access Office, Dept. of Public Works-San Antonio, Signee: Judy Babbit, Accessibility Compliance Manager
Adaptive Fly Fishing Institute-El Paso, Signee: Ken Morrow, President
Texas State University-San Marcos, Signee: Margarita M. Arellano, Dean of Students
Texas State University Career Services-San Marcos, Signee: Curt Schafer, Director of Career Services
Accessibility Resource Specialists- Mesquite, Signee: Fred D. Cawyer, Accessibility Architect
Austin Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities- Austin, Signee: Norman Kieke, Chair
Houston Center for Independent Living- Houston, Signee: Sandra L. Bookman
RISE- Resource, Information, Support, & Empowerment " A Center for Independent Living"- Beaumont, Signee: Jim Brocato, Executive Director
Accessibility Design Assoc- Austin, Signee: Christopher F. Schexnayder
Texas Registered Accessibility Specialists, Association- Austin, Signee: Fred D. Cawyer, President
Brazoria County Center for Independent Living- Angleton, Signee: Chamane Barrow, Associate Director
Workforce Solutions Golden Cresent- Victoria, Signee: Billy Blanchard, Disability Program Navigator
Disability Coalition of the Golden Cresent- Victoria, Signee: Megan Tuttle, President
Rural Capital Area Workforce Solutions- Round Rock, Signee: Greg Madsen, Disability Program Navigator
Workforce Solutions, Capital Area- Austin, Signee: Ruth Ramsey Caldwell, Disability Program Navigator
Workforce Solutions, Gulf Coast- Houston, Signee: Claudia Magellan, Disability Navigator
Dionysus Theater- Houston, Signee: Betty Martin, Media Liaison
Socorro Independent School District- Signees: Board of Trustees; Antonio "Tony" Ayub, Board President; Dr. Xavier De La Torre, Superintendent of Schools
VSA Texas- Austin, Signees: Dr. Carol Stenorud and staff
City of Plano- Signee: Phil Dyer, Mayor
Hip Hop Congress- San Marcos, Signees: Ariana Vargas; Brittany Leuier
Texas State University Student Organization Council- San Marcos, Signee: Kristopher Infante
The Exercise & Sports Science Club- San Marcos- Signee: Jessica Risien
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship- San Marcos, Signee: Patrick Falcon
Diamond Way Buddhist Group- San Marcos, Signee: Heather Herron
Psychology Association of Texas State- San Marcos, Signee: Jacob A. Zernick
Sigma Delta Lambda- San Marcos, Signee: Sarah Rebollar
Sigma Phi Lambda- San Marcos, Signee: Mallory Samek
Texas State Graduate Student Affairs Council- San Marcos, Signee: Analicia Gonzales
Hombres Unidos- San Marcos, Signee: Christian Hernandez
American Marketing Association- San Marcos, Signee: Cress Julian Terrell
Physical Therapy Organization of Texas State University- San Marcos, Signee: Anne-Marie Cecala
Fashion Nation- San Marcos, Signees: Jilian Smith; Courtni Martin
Japanese Language & Culture Club- San Marcos, Signee: Nick Dunk
Sigma Chi- San Marcos, Signee: Kevin Vailavik
Delta Tau Delta- Zeta Delta- San Marcos, Signee: Daniel Bernal
Alpa Delta Pi- San Marcos, Signee: Katie Vandgriff
Men Against Violence- San Marcos, Signee: Albert Gutierrez
The Network- San Marcos, Signee: Albert Gutierrez
Zeta Tau Alpha- San Marcos, Signee: Stephanie Gonzales
Chi Omega- San Marcos, Signee: Cassandra Richards
Texas State Loud Croud- San Marcos, Signee: Brian Ogle
Phi Iota Alpha- San Marcos, Signee: Steven Andreade
MGC- San Marcos, Signee: Joseph Robling
Sigma Lambda Gamma- San Marcos, Signee: Alysa Gonzales
Beta Alpha Psi- San Marcos, Signee: Irais Tamayo
SADOC- San Marcos, Signee: Amanda Austin
Fellowship of Christian Athletes- San Marcos, Signee: Raquel Franks
Men's Club Soccer- San Marcos, Signee: Brett Georgulis
Texas State Equestrian Team- San Marcos, Signee: Karla Shield
Bobcat Bigs of Texas State- San Marcos, Signee: Andrea Dixson
Colleges Against Cancer- San Marcos, Signee: Morgan Billingsley
The Residence Hall Association of Texas State- San Marcos, Signee: Mel F
Bilingual Education Student Organization of Texas State- San Marcos, Signee: Delsey Deleon
Native American Student Association of Texas State- San Marcos, Signee: Jessica Canady
Texas State Billiards- San Marcos, Signee: Daniel Vaughn
Hortus Colere- San Marcos, Signee: Stephanie Bledsoe
Pi Kappa Phi- San Marcos, Signee: Mitchell Swartz
Association for Childhood Education International- San Marcos, Signee: Tracy Sonnen
Chi Beta Delta- San Marcos, Signee: Jackie Laflamme
The Hispanic Business Student Association of Texas State- San Marcos, Signees: Megan Carrizales; Gabriela Mendoza
The Student Organizations Council of Texas State- San Marcos, Signee: Dominique MeGee
Texas Women's University- Denton, Signee: JoAnn Nunnelly, Director
Individuals/Advocates- (Lubbock) Margaret Ann Simor Davnielle; (Austin) Naomi S. Marin-Hubert

U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands- Signee: Governor John P. deJongh

The Virgin Islands Housing Authority
- St. Thomas, Signee: Leslie O. Joseph, 504 Coordinator
Emmaus Moravian Church- St. John, Signee: Donna Roberts, Lay Preacher
We Grow Food, Inc.- St. Thomas, Signee: Benita Martinm, Orientation & Mobility Specialist
Work-Able, Inc.- St. Thomas & St. Croix, Signee: Gwendolyn T. Powell, Executive Director
Virgin Islands Association for Independent Living- St. Thomas/St. Croix, Signee: Felecia A. Brownlow, Director
Virgin Islands Association for Independent Living- Christiansted, Signee: Roselin McFarlane, Community Services Coordinator, Center for Independent living
Virgin Islands Department of Labor- St. Croix, Signee: Diane Hampton, Disability Program Navigator
Midland Wesleyan Holiness Church- Fredricksted, St. Croix, Signee: Alsender Williams, Reverend
Virgin Islands Autism Network- St. Croix, Signee: Stephanie E. Barnes, Founder
Office of the Governor-ADA Office- Signee: Stephanie E Barnes, VI Territorial ADA Coodinator


Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy-Salt Lake City, Signee: Ann Woodbury, Group Facilitator
Salt Lake County- Signee: Peter M. Corroon, Mayor
University of Utah Counseling Center- Salt Lake City, Signee: Lauren M. Weitzman, Director
Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University- Logan, Signee: Bryce Fifield, Director
City of Lindon City- Signee: James Dain, Mayor
City of Provo City- Signee: John Curtis, Mayor
Utah County- Provo, Signee: Utah County Commissioners, Larry Ellertson; Gary Anderson, Steve White
Eagle Mountain City- Signee: Heather Jackson, Mayor
Watchdog Private Investigations Security Training- Sandy, Signee: Dave Caruso, Sr. Investigator/Instructor


Vermont Family Network- Williston, Signee: Carol Devlin, Director Familt Support, Health
Vermont Department of Public Service- Montpelier, Signee: Sunni Eriksen, VTRS & EDP Contact for VT
Vermont Center for Independent Living- Montpelier, Signee: Sarah Launderville, Executive Director


State of Virginia- Signee: Governor Robert F. McDonnell

Old Dominion University
, Norfolk, Signee: Kate Broderick, Director of Disability Services
Resources for Independent Living, Inc. Signee: Sandra K. Cowles, Exec. Director
CESSI Division of Axiom Resource Management, Signee: Derek Shields, Vice President, Disability Services
ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia-Arlington, Signee: David Bunds,
Blue Ridge Independent Living Center- Roanoke, Signee: Marc Davis, Community Action Specialist
Independence Empowerment Center- Manassas, Signee: Dr. Mary Lopez, Executive Director
New Editions Consulting, Inc- McLean, Signee: Shelia Newman, President
Milestone Consultants, Inc.- Richmond, Signee: Richard Ott, President
K & D Personal Care, LLC- Chesapeake, Signee: Erica M. Herman, Director
Employment Support Services, LLC- Richmond, Signee: Muriel T. Jackson, Director
The Prince William County Disability Services Board- Woodbridge, Signee: Linda Moore
The Isle of Wight County Board of Supervisors- Signee: Mr. Phillip A. Bradshaw, Chairman
City of Roanoke- Signee: David A. Bowers, Mayor
City of Franklin- Signee: James P. Councill, III, Mayor
City of Virginia Beach- Signee: William D. Sessoms, Jr., Mayor
Eastern Shore Center for Independent Living- Exmore, Signee: Althea P. Pittman, Executive Director
Society for Human Resource Managment- Alexandria, Signee: Laurence (Lon) O'Neil, President & CEO
City of Norfolk- Signees: Paul D Fraim, Mayor; Shirley Confino-Rehder, Chair Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities
City of Norfolk Mayor's Commission on Persons with Disabilities- Signee: Shirley Confino-Rehder, Chair
South Hampton Roads Disability Services Board- Signee: Shirley Confino-Rehder, Chair
City of Chesapeake- Signee: Alan P. Krasnoff, Mayor
City of Portsmouth- Signee: Charles B. Whitehurst, Sr. Vice Mayor
Appalachian Independence Center, Inc- Abingdon, Signee: Greg Morrell, Executive Director
CSB- Chesterfield, Signee: Debbie Evans, Recovery Specialist
Glass Designs- Readford, Signee: Gerri Glass, President
Loudoun County- Signees: Board of Supervisors; Scott K. York Chairman At-Large; Kelly Burk, Leesburg District; James G. Burton, Blue Ridge District; Audrea McGimsey, Potomac District, Eugene A. Delgaudio, Sterling District, Sally R. Kurtz, Catoctin District; Stevens Miller, Dulles District; Lori L waters, Braod Run District; Susan Klimek Buckley, Vice-Chair, Sugarland district
Loudoun ENDependence- Ashburn, Signee: Illegible
Virginia Senate, 33rd District- Signee: Senator Mark R. Herring
City of Suffolk- Signee: Linda T. Johnson, Mayor
Niche, Inc.- Virginia Beach, Signee: Mary Jane Sufficool, President
Prince William County Board of Supervisors- Prince William, Signee: Corey A. Stewart, Chairman
NAMI- Arlington, Signee:Michael Fitzpatrick, Executive Director
Representative 86th District Office- Signee: Congressman Thomas Davis Rust
Representative 32nd District- Signee: Congressman Thomas "Tag" Greason
County of Stafford- Signees: Stafford County Board of Supervisors
Individuals/Advocates- ( Mahassas) Charles J. Colgan


State of Washington: Signee: Governor Christine O. Gregoire

Central Washington University
-Ellensburg, Signee:Robert Harden, Director for the Center for Disability Services & ADA Compliance Officer
University of Washington Counseling Center-Seattle, Signee:Chris S. Grant, Associate Director/Director of Training
Northwest ADA Center-Mountlake Terrace, Signee: Don Brandon, Director
Washington Council of the Blind- Seattle, Signee: Denise Colley, President
Dept of the Navy (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard)- Bremerton, Signee: Robin Jones
BluePath- Mountainlake Terrace- Signee: Sara Woody,MPA, BluePath Coordinator
Metropolitan Park District- Tacoma, Signees: Board of Park Commissioners, Larry Dahl, President; Tim Reid, Clerk; Aaron Pointer; Krystal Kyor; Eric Hanberg
43rd District Democrats in Seattle, WA- Signee: Juliean Wheeler, Proponent, Member & Chair, Washington State Democratic Disabilities Caucus
Seattle Commission for People with DisAbilities- Erica Sekins, Commissioners
Washington State Business Leadership Network- Bellevue, Signee: Karen Walters CEO
City of Tacoma- Signee: Marilyn Strickland, Mayor
City of Federal Way- Signee: Lina Kochmar, Mayor
Orion Industries- Federal Way, Signee: Kathleen Powers, Director of Services
Individuals/Advocates- (Seattle) Julien Whitney, Graphic Designer

West Virginia

State of West Virginia- Signees: Governor Joe Manchin III, Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant

West Virginia House of Delegates-
Signee: Richard Thompson
Mountain State Centers for Independent Living-
Huntington, Signee: Anne Weeks, President/CEO
State Rehabilitation Council- Charleston, Signee: Ginny Gattlieb
WV SILC- Institute, Signee: Colin J. Mitchell
WV Senate- Charleston, Signee: President of the Senate, Earl Ray Tomblin
ACLU-WV -Charleston, Signee: Franklin Crabtree
City of South Charleston- Signee: Frank A Mullens, Mayor
Appalachian Center for Independent Living- Chareston, Signee: Larry E Paxton, Executive Director
City of Dunbar- Signee: Jack E. Yeager, Mayor.
City of Nitro- Signee: Rusty Casto, Mayor
Pierpont Community & Technical College- Fairmont, Signee: Dr. Doreen M. Larson, President
Northern West Virginia Center for Independent Living- Morgantown, Signee: Jan Derry, Executive Director
Individuals/Advocates- (St. Albano) Carolyn J. Foose, EMT
City of Charelston- Signees: Danny Jones, Mayor; Tome Lane, President of City Council
Express Framing & Stained Glass- Culloden, Signee: Sherri Rhodes, Owner and Artist
West Virginia Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing- Charleston, Signee: Marissa Sanders


Southeast Wisconsin ADAPT-Brookfield, Signee: Lewis (Tobie) Tyler, President
Whyte Knyte Social Enterprise, Inc.-Green Bay, Signee: Byla Martin, Executive Director
Options For Independent Living- Green Bay, Signee: Tom Diedrick, Executive Director
North Country Independent Living, Inc.- Superior, Signee: John Nousaine, Director
Independence First- Milwaukee, Signee: Lee Schulz, Executive Director
Creative Employment Oppertunities- Milwaukee, Signee: Laura Owens, Director
People First Oshkosh- Oshkosh, Signee: Gary Arms, President
City of Superior- Signee: Dave Ross, Mayor
Arc-Winnebago County Disability Association- Oshkosh, Signee: Ashley Hesse, Program Director
S/E WIS. ADAPT- Brookfield, Signee: Lewis L. Tyler, Member
Shawano County Dept. of Community Programs- Shawano, Signee: Patricia Magee, Vocational Service Manager
McBurney Disability Resource Center- Madison, Signee: Cathy Trueba, Director
N.E.W. Curative Rehabilitation, Inc.- Green Bay, Signee: John Bloor, President
Shawano School District- Shawano, Signee: Jennifer Kamke Black, District Transition Coordinator/ School Psychologist
ASPIRO- Green Bay, Signee: Michael Duschene, President
Cerebral Palsy, Inc.- Green Bay, Signee: Dale M. Barbiaux, Executive Director
Workforce Resource- Chippewa Falls, Signee: Glen Howell, Disabiltiy Navigator
New Community Shelter- Green Bay, Signee: Terri Refsgaurd, Executive Director
Aging & Disability Resource Center of Brown County- Green Bay, Signee: Sunny Archambault, Director
City of Waupun- Signee: Jodi Steger, Mayor
Challenge the Outdoors Inc.- Shiocton, Signee: Keith A. Pamperin, Board Member
Disability Rights Center- Signee: Janine Bertram, President
Aging & Disability Professionals Association of Wisconsin-Signee: Janet Zander, President
La Crosse County- Signees: La Crosse County Board
Metzger Learning Solutions- Mukwonago, Signee: Warren Metzger, CEO
City of Menomonie- Signee: Randy Knaack, Mayor
Commission on Aging/ Aging & Disability Recource Center Board of Portage County- Stevens Point, Signee: Richard Barden
Independent Living Resources, Inc- La Crosse, Signee: Michelle M. Olson, Assistant Director


Wyoming Department of Education, Special Programs Unit, Services for the Visually Impaired, Signee: Ginny L. Chidsey, SVI Program Consultant
Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND) Resource Library-Laramie, Signee: Elizabeth Robertson, Librarian
State of Wyoming A&I Division- Cheyenne, Signee: Jaci Walker


Presidential Proclamation

President Obama signs Presidential proclamation recognising 20th anniversary of the ADA


City of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper


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